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SecureSafe Pro Discount: Cool Coupon on The Password Manager

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20% Cashback on Password Manager

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Get 20% cashback for purchasing any of the following license. Please see below SecureSafe Pro image for details.

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SecureSafe Pro

Get excellent SecureSafe Pro discount as per the SSP coupon image.

Review of SecureSafe Pro

Nowadays, it is important to add password protection to any corporate work or business activities. Cybercrime has been increasing every day and adding online security should be everyone’s top priority. However, simply adding a password is not enough as hackers can easily bypass through weak security. A user needs a military-grade password protection to protect his/her files and documents online. One such highly recommended security software which provides military-grade protection is SecureSafe Pro.

SecureSafe Pro Password Manager is known for its high level safety and top quality encryption against malicious and suspicious activities online. Get your passwords managed today by purchasing SSP with the discount coupon. The SecureSafe Pro coupon is going to be useful. Let’s look at some of the features provided:

High Level Security

The encryption standard that is being used by Password Manager of SecureSafe Pro is known to be military-grade. This security standard has also been approved and acknowledged by the United States Department of Defense. Built-in feature such as password generator is added which generates random password to create a solid, reliable protection. SecureSafe Pro can be installed on portable hard-disk drive and be used as mobile password manager. This enables users to use password manager anywhere, any place and at any time. This software can also be installed on cloud folders such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. which can later be synced for usage.

Customization and Manageability

There are no restrictions to the number of password or files a user creates and stores. All passwords and important private files can be managed through the software. Different types of data can also be stored and are accessible at all times. There are more than three-hundred and thirty custom icons available which can be used for files and notes. Features such as built-in backup system helps to keep users’ personal files and data safe and secure at all times. This data backup system works at all time in order to ensure safety for users’ password and data. This goes to show how superior SecureSafe Pro’s protection ability is compared to other security services.

SSP Price Plans, Benefits and Discount

SecureSafe Pro has various types of packages which are purchasable for an affordable price. Their Family Pack package can be purchased for $99 and is usable by 10 users. Small Business package is available for $199 which can also be used by 10 users. Enterprise package is available for $999 and can be used by up to 100 users. Lastly, their Single User package can be purchased for $35.95 excluding our discount which offers a lifetime license. This software is super easy to use and there is no need for any high technical skills. All of these packages include updates and technical support which are completely free of charge.

Hence, please use our coupon and get the password manager for Windows. Hopefully, you will like the SecureSafe Pro discount.

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