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SecureBridge Discount | Receive Exclusive Coupon and Review

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10% Cashback on SecureBridge

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Buy any SecureBridge license (Standard edition, Professional edition and Professional w/ source code) with 10% cashback. Please see the Devart SecureBridge image below.



Get special SecureBridge discount as per the SB coupon image.

When you will use a network server for data transferring and communication, special security solution should be used. There are some companies which offer such solutions. Devart is one of those companies and the name of its network security solution is SecureBridge.

Review and Features of SecureBridge

In a network, various data are exchanged between every client and server. A normal computer security tool is not suitable to ensure necessary security. You have to use a solution with multiple protection layer. And at the same time, that tool must be easy to setup and use. SecureBridge can be a great choice for this task. Devart has added so many impressive features to this powerful network protection solution. Enjoy all the cool SB features with the discount coupon. The SecureBridge coupon will be really useful. Some of those features are as follows:

Very Impressive Compatibility

SecureBridge can work nicely with different IDE versions, Delphi6, and C++ Builder. As the library, it has both VCL and VCL.NET. MySQL and PostgreSQL Data Access Components are supported by this solution too. All kinds of crypto attacks are very harmful for any network. This software has the ability to work against all of those attacks. It always keeps very high performance while working in different modes. That means, it has the ability to work in both synchronous mode and asynchronous mode. SecureBridge supports ISequentialStreamas well as TStream interfaces. This tool will provide you additional information about every channel and connection.

Remote Command Support

Many other tools are there for protecting interaction between a client and a server in the network. But many of those may not support the remote command. But this tool can do that beautifully and it takes help from SSH for doing this task. Asymmetric keys are not very difficult to maintain manually. For this reason, SecureBridge has come with convenient maintenance of those keys. It is very important to have a storage for storing the certificates, user info, and keys. This product of Devart brand has built in storage for those. Another important thing is, you don’t have to use any kind of external module to use this solution. This standalone tool can work without taking help from any external module.

SB Affordable Pricing Plans and Discount

Considering different types of customers, two licenses of the SecureBridge are offered. Standard License of this product can be purchased with only $99.95 as per 13 June 2017. This is a high performance security tool with all basic protection connectivity components. Hence, professionals can pick this for protecting their clients and servers. But, if you want to enjoy the full power of this security solution, then the Professional Edition is suitable. Cost of this license is only $199.95 without the discount code. Cross IDE support is one of the best features of this product. SecureBridge Professional also has very impressive server functionality which is not offered by the Standard Edition.

Hence, please purchase the solution with our coupon. In case of any question on the SecureBridge discount, please contact us.

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