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Ruler Analytics Discount: Get Excellent Coupon and Review

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10% Cashback on Ruler Analytics

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Get any Ruler Analytics license with 10% cashback as per below Ruler Analytics image.

Ruler Analytics

Enjoy excellent Ruler Analytics discount as per the RA coupon image.

For any marketing campaign, it is very important to deal with the customers properly. You have to use some solutions which can provide a deep insight and reporting facilities. Ruler Analytics can be suggested for this task. After purchasing this solution, you don’t have to rely on other tools to know about the customers and clients.

Ruler Analytics Features and Review

Different types of visitor tracking tools are available right now. Some of these can give the number of visitors. Some tools are there to provide the activities about these visitors. Along with these, it is also important to get detailed information about the sources of these visitors. Ruler Analytics will do all these tasks very efficiently. This solution can also perform some other tasks. Get all the cool features of RA with our discount coupon. The Ruler Analytics coupon is going to be really useful.

Ruler Analytics

Powerful Call Tracking

For promoting a business, different types of marketing campaigns may be used. All these campaigns will not be equally efficient. Ruler Analytics will automatically track the phone calls back to the marketing campaigns. That means, which campaign has generated a specific phone call that can be tracked by this solution. You will use some keywords for the search engine optimization and PPC campaigns. Each phone call can be generated by a specific keyword. Information about every keyword for generating calls will be detected by it. Similarly, some offline campaigns can also generate some phone calls. These will also be tracked by the Ruler Analytics. This solution has the capability to record every call very efficiently.

Marketing Attribution Features

Generally, a marketer uses different channels for any marketing campaigns. From each channel, you will get different ROAs. Marketing Attribution tool of the Ruler Analytics will efficiently find out necessary revenue information. Among different attribution models, you have to find out the necessary comparison in terms of first click and last click. This difficult task will be done by this solution very easily. In your CRM, it can be very important to add some lead source data. This task can easily be done with the help of Ruler Analytics.

Ruler Analytics Pricing and Discount

For the call tracking facility, this solution has three different plans. Start-Up Plan of this product can be enjoyed by paying only £99 per month excluding the discount. It is capable of dealing with 1 thousand call minutes in a month. Business Plan of this solution supports 2 thousand call minutes per month. To purchase this one, you have to pay only £149/month as per this post creating time. Enterprise plan is a flexible one which is capable of dealing with up to unlimited call minutes. You can make an order of this plan as per your necessity. Ruler Analytics Marketing Attribution is also a flexible solution. It is capable of working with unlimited unique monthly visitors.

So, please take advantage of our coupon to purchase RA. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Ruler Analytics discount.

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