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Royal TS Discount | Get Cool Coupon in 2021

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Royal TS

Enjoy special Royal TS discount for Individual User License, Site license, Global license as well as Extended Global license. Please see RTS coupon image.

Sometimes the IT professionals as well as network engineers face several problems to access their networks remotely. In those cases, it is very important to use a connection management solution. Royal TS is a very impressive solution for this purpose.

Review and Features of Royal TS

Royal Apps is a very popular company to the IT professionals. This company offers a powerful server management tool, support ticket management solution, and network management software. Among all its products, Royal TS has achieved huge popularity to the IT professionals. Accessing a network system with different protocols is very important to those professionals and engineers. If you are one of them, I can suggest this product of Royal Apps. It has come with some useful features and benefits. Enjoy all the useful features and benefits of RTS with the discount coupon. The Royal TS coupon is going to be helpful.

It is not easy for a network administrator to find out a reliable solution to manage his remote desktops, users, and files. Only a few companies offer the reliable remote management tools. Royal Application Team is one of these companies. It provides Royal TS, which is a powerful remote management solution. This product consists of several small tools. Each of these tools can perform a separate important task.

Some Powerful Features

This software solution is compatible with various types of connections. You may have several types of terminals and interfaces. It will work with all of those. It offers very useful remote desktop facility. Real time performance checking of a network can be done by it too. Royal TS has the TeamViewer mode where you can check the number of users connected to your network. This solution is also helpful for the analysis of various Windows events. Though your network will be shared with others, this software will make the credential safe. A very powerful encryption facility is another useful feature of this product.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Amazing compatibility is another nice feature of the Royal TS. This software is capable of working with various platforms like Windows and Mac OS. And it is even compatible with the mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. This network management solution has bulk operations facility. That means, you can execute bulk add as well as bulk edit operations to keep the documents clean always. Scripting support has made the Royal TS more efficient. PowerShell cmdlets is added to this solution. Hence, you will be able to generate and modify every document very easily. One of the most important features of this product is you can easily customize it by its personalized overrides facility.

Royal TS Pricing and Discount

There are various licenses available for the Royal TS. Individual User License of this product can be purchased by only €35 excluding the discount. The volume discount facility will be applied if you purchase more than 5 licenses of it. Site License of this solution is cost effective too. It can be purchased by only €549 prior to the year of 2021. One site license can handle unlimited users of a single site. You can also purchase the Royal TS for unlimited users of various sites. In that case, Global License should be purchased by only EUR 999. And by paying 1749 USD, Extended Global License of it can be bought. This product has come with three years software maintenance facility.

So, please purchase the ideal tool with our coupon. The Royal TS discount is expected to satisfy your demands.

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