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RocketLink Discount | Cool Coupon on Shared Link Retargeting Tool

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20% Cashback on Any Plan

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Buy any premium plan (Liftoff, Space or Galaxy) with our link and avail 20% cashback discount, as per below RocketLink image.

RocketLink Discount

Have RocketLink discount as cash back. Kindly see the RL image for discount.

We share different links on different sites. Whenever a visitor clicks on that link, he goes to an external location. It is possible to bring him back with a retargeting link. This task can easily be done with RocketLink. It is an impressive retargeting pixel generating solution.

Review and Features of RocketLink

When a visitor clicks on a link, it indicates that he has an interest regarding that type of link. If you can bring him back to your website and share some similar links, he will click on that. This is how, it is possible to get more conversion and more sales. There are different tools that can do this task. RocketLink is one of these tools. It actually can do this task better than most of the other tools. And, it already has a big number of users. Enjoy the fantastic RL features with our discount. Grab the RocketLink coupon today. Here are some of its major features and benefits:

Create Retargeting Pixels

The major feature of RocketLink is the ability to create different types of retargeting pixels. It can convert each and every person who clicks on your link. This tool is capable of driving every audience to different websites and platforms. As multiple destinations, you will be allowed to use your domains and subdomains. Every online marketer uses different types of tools to deal with the CTAs. After purchasing RocketLink, there is no need to do so. It will let you retarget the audience to all your Call to Action on different types of pages.


RocketLink Pricing and Discount

Various pricing plans are available for RocketLink. The Liftoff License of this solution is available for only 19 USD/month. It supports unlimited clicks. But, it supports only 100 links in each month. Similarly, it will let you deal with 2 different pixels and 4 CTA promotions. The Space License of this product is available for only 29 USD/month without the discount code. It supports 500 links per month and 5 different pixels. You will be able to deal with 20 CTA promotions with this one. RocketLink Galaxy supports 3000 links, 50 pixels, and 100 CTA promotions. It can be bought by paying only 69 USD per month. This solution also has an Enterprise Edition which supports unlimited links per month.

Custom 404 Redirects

Sometimes, there can some mistyped links that are shared on different websites. When a visitor click that link, he will see an error page. It actually disturbs that visitor. It is possible to drive him to another valid link. This software will help to do so. You will be able to set the redirecting link with ease. Similarly, RocketLink also helps to share some QR codes. These codes are useful for retargeting the offline audience. This solution has an ability to analyze all your efforts. That means, there is no need to depend on any other analytics tool.

Hence, avail the tool for retargeting your shared links with our coupon. Hopefully, the RocketLink discount is going to impress you.

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