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Revenue Conduit Discount: Have Brilliant Coupon on Purchase

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10% Cashback on Any Package

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Buy any of the Revenue Conduit license with 10% cashback. Please see Revenue Conduit image for this.

Revenue Conduit

Enjoy stunning Revenue Conduit discount as per RC image.

Revenue Conduit and the Review

Do you want to grow up your online store in an automatic way? Then, this program can be the right solution for you. It can connect any online store to the marketing automation solution. This task is handled here with the professional terms and conditions.

Revenue Conduit acts as an integration tool with the marketing automation stages. It can help you to sync 100+ data points from the available shopping cart to the existing automation platforms. To assure a positive marketing policy, this tool is an effective one for the online marketers. To send out dynamic coupon code to the customers and leads, it approves some helpful conditions. Enjoy all the amazing RC features with our discount coupon. Just follow the RC image steps to get the Revenue Conduit coupon.

Quick Summary on This

This program is a trusted one platform for online retailers. Your marketing automation depends much on the campaigning process. To implement the marketing automation process, it can activate quick campaigning criteria. These can easily convert the available leads into the new customers. Then, the segmentation term appears with a new look. To track down the new and engaged customers, you will feel the necessity of active segmentation process. Revenue Conduit manages this term in a proper way. In fact; this term can help any user to identify the next step of automation.

Features List Included Here

Infusionsoft: Revenue Conduit acts more than a simple integration process. This marketing strategy can sync all the needed data to Infusionsoft.  To handle Infusionsoft campaigning process, it issues some helpful methods. In fact; you will observe almost 6 campaigns inside this platform. If you want to create up the customer group, then this can help you will the needed supports. Moreover, there is the option to associate the tags to products or categories.

ActiveCampaign: With the helpful support of Revenue Conduit, you can establish the connection process of Shopify store with ActiveCampaign. To grow up your business solution, it manages all the supplementary issues. Here, some additional features can be observed like order automation, REM segmentation, newsletter subscription etc. In fact; it enables POS sync facility as a built-in condition.

After that, Revenue Conduit allows the facility to build up the connection process of any store to HubSpot.

Pricing Level and Discount of RC

Revenue Conduit allows four different plans. These are: Starter, Growth, Elite and Enterprise. All of these plans issues free trial version for a limited time. To get Starter plan, you need to pay only $49.95/month. Then, Growth plan appears, which is most popular. To purchase this, you need to pay only $99.95/month excluding the discount. For large business solutions, Elite plan is a suitable one. This is available with the price of $199.95/month. For professional users, Enterprise plan is the best. Users can get this plan with the price of $349.95/month condition.

So, please take advantage of our coupon to get the tool made for creating connection between your online store and marketing. We believe that the Revenue Conduit discount will satisfy your requirements.

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