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Revealbot Coupon: Get Fantastic Discount and Review

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10% Cashback on Reveal

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Buy Revealbot monthly or yearly plan through our link and get 10% cashback on your 1st Invoice. The following Revealbot image illustrates the details.

Revealbot Coupon

Get fantastic Revealbot coupon from our Openrdf site. Please check out the Revealbot image for coupon.

There are various types of Facebook ad management solutions. But, each of these tools does not have an advanced automation facility. With this advanced and useful facility, Revealbot is available for an affordable price. This software can be strongly recommended to all kinds of Facebook marketing campaigns.

Review and Features of the Revealbot

There should not be any doubt that Facebook is the most popular social platform. This social network has an amazing facility named Facebook Ads. By using this one, you will be able to promote your products and services with ease. We know that the normal social media posts can be created a social media automation solution. But, only a few tools can post and manage the Facebook ads automatically. Revealbot is one of these tools. Get the tool cheaply with our discount coupon. The Revealbot discount will be helpful. Different types of important features and facilities are offered by this solution. Some of these features are as follows:


FB Ad Automation

A Facebook ad campaign consists of several small things. You have to set a specific time to start that. A specific budget should be allocated with that. This budget should be increased and decreased depending on various conditions. That means, you have to set some custom rule for each of the campaigns. All these important tasks can be done by the Reveal. More importantly, it will do all these things automatically after you set the things up once. Then, it will also analyze the result of each campaign and create a necessary log. If there is a certain important change, you will be notified instantly.

Conditional Post Boosting

One of the finest features of Revealbot is its conditional boosting capability. There can be a big number of ads. But, all these ads will not get an equal attention. That is why, this software will deal with these posts depending on different conditions. For example, you will be able to set a particular number of likes as a condition. If a post achieved a certain number of likes, that post will be promoted instantly. Similarly, different ads can be promoted differently by this solution. Revealbot will also help you to track the performance of each campaign very easily.

Revealbot Coupon, Plans and Pricing

You must have a budget for every ad account. Multiple ad accounts can be connected to Revealbot very easily. Depending on the total budget of all these accounts, you have to pay for this software. For example, if your budget is maximum 5000 USD. In this case, this Facebook ad automation software will charge only 49 USD per month excluding the coupon. If the budget increases to 10000 USD, then its cost will become 99 USD, as per 23 May 2018. Similarly, you can purchase Revealbot for more attractive cost for a higher budget. Before purchasing any of these plans, you can use its trial version for two weeks.

So, please grab the cool Revealbot with our discount. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Revealbot coupon.

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