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Avail Quality Control Theme pricing served here. Get review of the WordPress theme and enjoy a unique issue tracking theme for WordPress.

Quality Control Theme is a strong and worthy theme for WordPress websites. The main function of Quality Control Theme is to convert a WordPress site into online ticketing website. That means you can use it to track your running development project and find out the current situation. Quality Control Theme has built in ticketing script which will give you the power to control the development project with a tremendous flexibility. It has the ability to create online tickets within a quick time.

Quality Control Theme

Review of Quality Control Theme

The theme has a very good integration system with the WordPress site. It works fine with the latest version of WordPress too. Easy graphical user interface, user friendly functions, lots of features and well-designed contents made it easy to use for all level of users. You just need to create a ticket and start tracking it. There are other things that you can do, as priority set up, creating categories, status updating adding comments, milestone set etc.

Why to Use the Theme

Quality Control Theme is published by app-themes. It is one of the most popular themes published by them. The theme is fully device responsive. You can browse or access the page using any kind of device. The theme plays important role where lots of members working on different projects and they frequently need assistance. On the other side, the theme can be used for a blog, which can allow users to sign up, share their various queries and get help from other members. Two different versions of Quality Control theme available for the users, they are standard package and developers package.

Quality Control Theme review

Important Features Offered

  • Quality Control theme allows unlimited user access to a specific projects. Using Quality Control theme you can make restrictions. You can leave the access open for the uses or make the access limited for a specific group.
  • Works fine with built in cloud repositories. When there is a change takes place, it automatically linked up to the specific ticket.
  • This theme allows to create unlimited projects. No limitations at all.
  • To upload project related contents like photos or different documents, it provides appropriate space to make the sharing easy.
  • It does not use full cloud based ticketing platform, instead it uses in house ticket system.
  • Quality Control theme gives you more person touch with its built in self hosted ticket system. Using this feature you are able to manipulate, edit and customize your own project data. You can even export these contents in xml format.
  • Developer of the theme always keeps the theme up to date. So new features, facilities and technologies are included in the new versions.
  • You can easily customize the language using different language packs.
  • Help and support includes active community forum, video tutorials, user manual and e-mail service.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the Quality Control theme. Insert this marvelous ticketing application into your WordPress site and take the benefits.

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