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We know about different types of sales automation campaigns. Each of these platforms comes with a big number of features. But, only a few platforms provide everything you may need. Prospectio is one of these platforms. You can take help from the beginning to the end of any sales campaign.

Prospectio Review at a Glance

A sales campaign has so many steps. For example, you have to collect a big number of valid email IDs. There should be an efficient way to check the validity of every email account. Then, you have to deal with a bulk emailing. A tracking and analytics section must be there too. Instead of purchasing all these tools separately, it is better to depend on a sales automation platform. My recommendation is to pick the Prospectio. This platform is a feature rich and affordable one. Get the affordable Prospectio with our discount. The coupon will be useful. The major features of this platform are:

Impressive Email Finder

Prospectio comes with a top quality Chrome extension. This extension can find different types of emails from any social media. Even, it can find out these emails from various websites too. There are some other email finder tools. But, it can collect some additional data. For example, the contact names, jobs, company names can be collected by it. You may have a list of prospects. In such a case, Prospect will automatically import the email addresses from that spreadsheet. An email verifier is also added to this solution. This verifier can easily import the bulk email from a CSV file. Then it will automatically check the validity of each email. Instant email verification is another good feature of this tool. That means, it can check the validity just after collecting an address.

Prospect io

Email Sequence Creation

This sales automation solution is capable of generating some email sequences. In other word, multiple emails can be sent by it one after another. It automatically stops its operation after a certain time. Prospectio supports different types of email tracking acts. For example, it can track the opening rate of emails. Similarly, the click and conversion tracking can also be done with it.

Prospectio Discount, Plans and Pricing

The pricing of Prospectio is pretty amazing. Its cost depends on the number of credits. Each credit equals certain things. Suppose, you have collected one email and check its validity. Then, you have sent an email. All these will cost you one credit. 1000 credits will cost only 79 USD per month excluding the discount. Instead of this one, you can get it for bigger projects. For example, only 99 USD should be paid for 2000 credits. For 5000 credits, this price will become only 189 USD per month. Similarly, Prospectio is capable of handling up to 100 thousand credit. This license is available for only 1699 USD per month. Each of these licenses includes every necessary Google and CRM extension.

In conclusion, please get the sales automation platform with our coupon. We believe, you are going to enjoy the discount.

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