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PowerAdSpy Discount | Coupon on Facebook Ads Intelligence Platform

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20% Cashback on Purchase

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Buy any PowerAdSpy plan (Basic, Standard or Premium) with our link and avail 20% cashback discount, as per the following discount image.

PowerAdSpy Discount

Grab cash back as PowerAdSpy discount. Kindly see the discount in PAS image.

Facebook ads can bring a big number of customers of your products. But, there is a big competition. You have to beat this competition to get the desired profit. To win this race, it is very important to spy on the competitors. PowerAdSpy is an impressive tool for this task. This tool can efficiently spy on the competitor’s Facebook ads.

Review and Features of PowerAdSpy

The online world has opened so many windows for the marketers and business owners. They can get lots of customers by following different techniques. Different forms of marketing have been invented. Some of these forms are email, SMS, social media, and video marketing techniques. Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network. This network supports an advertising facility named Facebook Ads. It will let you post various paid ads and attract lots of customers.

You can create these ads in any niche. No matter which niche is chosen, there must be several customers. PowerAdSpy will spy on the ads made by these competitors. That is why, you will be able to make your ads better than their ads. Start making better ads today by getting PAS with our discount. Simply follow the PAS image procedure to get the PowerAdSpy coupon. Some impressive features and facilities of this solution are as follows:

Amazing Search Algorithm

Millions of ads are available to the Facebook. You will not look for all these ads that’s for sure. First of all, you have to decide what your target is. PowerAdSpy has an impressive search algorithm to find out these ads. It allows to find out the ads based on keywords, phrases, and any other search term. After finding out those, you will be able to sort those with ease. For example, it is possible to sort those in terms of shares, likes, posting dates, and comments. After searching and sorting, it is possible to find out some suitable ads for a campaign.


PowerAdSpy helps to bookmark some suitable ads with ease. There is no need to find out any ad every time you may need. Rather, just bookmark some of these ads and access these whenever necessary. That means, this solution helps to personalize the ad inventory with ease.

A Big Database

Generally, an ordinary ad spy tool can deal with the data of one or two countries. For this reason, this tool is not suitable for running a campaign for any part of this world. PowerAdSpy is capable of accessing millions of data from more than 15 countries. There is no need to face much complexity while accessing these data. Only a few clicks are enough to access these data. We know that an ad can be posted on different positions. An ad can perform differently on different positions. For this reason, PowerAdSpy has a separate filter that finds out the data depending on the positions. So, you will be able to understand which ad shows better conversion on which position. And, this task can be done in any niche.

Works with Shopify

Shopify store owners post various types of ads for lots of products. Some of these ads are very engaging. And, some of these cannot perform well. Finding out a Shopify Ad tracking tool is very tough. Instead of depending on any other tool, you can rely on PowerAdSpy without any hesitation. This software is capable of finding out lots of successful ad campaigns run by the Shopify store owners. You can follow the techniques of these campaigns and apply these techniques to yours. That is how your Shopify ad campaigns will be more effective. That means, these campaigns will generate more profit.

We are also providing discount for these plans, as mentioned. Additional or extra coupon is not needed for this PowerAdSpy deal.

Device Based Searching

Nowadays, a big portion of visitors come from mobile devices. These visitors can be converted into a big number of customers. That is why, it is better to run different types of ad campaigns for different types of devices. PowerAdSpy is very helpful for this task. It helps to filter the successful ads in terms of different devices. Some of these devices are iPhones, Android Phones, other mobiles, and desktops. It supports multiple eCommerce platforms. While running an ad campaign, you need to track its performance. PowerAdSpy has a tracking system to do this task.

PowerAdspy Pricing

Supports Multiple Contents

There should not be any doubt about the effectiveness of image ads. But nowadays, videos are performing better. For this reason, you should not overlook video contents. PowerAdSpy can easily find out lots of video ads that are performing well on Facebook. Even, this tool will help you to download these videos with ease. Then, it will be possible to create similar types of video ads to grab more attention. The same thing can be done in the cases of image ads. This software supports CTA based sorting. As CTAs are very important to make an ad campaign successful, this tool is helpful to find out some top performing CTAs.

PowerAdSpy Discount and Pricing

One free plan and three paid plans are available for PowerAdSpy. Its Free License is suitable for only 20 searches. Other basic features are offered by it. Every paid licenses support unlimited searches. Among these plans, the Basic License is available for only $49 per month. It comes with a few basic features. But, the professional quality features are not available in it.

The Standard License can be bought by paying only 99 USD per month without the discount code, as per this post creating time. This product provides lots of impressive filters. For example, you can find out the competitor’s ads based on countries, ad types, ad placements, gender, and audience age, etc. The PowerAdSpy Premium is available for only $149 per month. This one comes with all the basic and professional features. An advanced funneling system is offered by it.

So, please avail the Facebook ads intelligence platform with our coupon. Hopefully, the PowerAdSpy discount will satisfy you.

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