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Postaga Review | Avail Pricing for the Marketing Platform

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Check Postaga review and pricing served here. Avail the automate post promotion and marketing platform and enjoy features.

Online marketers run different types of campaigns. To promote these projects, they need several tools. Instead of purchasing multiple tools, we recommend to grab a copy of Postaga. This tool is suitable for boosting any online campaign.


Review of Postaga

One of the finest things for any online project is the unlimited opportunities. Different marketers use these opportunities in different ways. You have to find out suitable opportunities for every project. A big number of chances can be found out by a single tool named Postaga. It is capable of detecting thousands of prospects for any business. That means, after purchasing it once, there is no need to use another tool for another promotional campaign. Let’s have a look at its major feature:

Better Opportunities

Postaga comes with an impressive opportunity finder. This built in tool is capable of finding out more backlink opportunities for all kinds of campaigns. Along with a big number of backlinks, this software also able to ensure more shares and promotions. Content analyzing is another great feature of this solution. It is capable of analyzing any content to discover profitable contacts and outbound links. Nowadays, personalized email campaigns are more profitable than ordinary ones. Generally, people use different tools to grab more details regarding any email contact. Postaga can do this task with high efficiency. As it will find more information regarding contacts, you will be able to use these to run any promotional task. And, there will be a bigger chance to make any campaign a successful one.

Postaga review

Contact Finding

Before making personalized emails, you have to find out a big number of profitable prospects. This software is very helpful in finding out these contacts. Just after finding them out, you will be able to send tweets and invitation to LinkedIn. Even, it is possible to send them emails instantly. Creating an email is not a very difficult thing. But, making that more profitable is a big deal. Postaga comes with an Outreach Assistant that contains an artificial intelligence. Through this AI, you will be able to get relevant advices. Email Automator is another great tool included in this solution. It allows to put all the emails in a sequence so that you can deal with these properly.

Plans and Pricing

One free plan and two paid plans are available for Postaga. Its free plan is for 3 campaigns and 500 emails only. Only a single user will be able to use it. That means, this one is not for professional projects. The Pro License of this software is available for only $69 per month. It supports unlimited campaigns and 10 thousand emails. A single Pro License can be used by five different users. If you want to get this solution for a bigger number of users, then the Agency License is suitable. This license of Postaga can be bought by paying only $199 per month. It supports 100 thousand emails and 30 accounts. An automated reporting facility is its upcoming feature.

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