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Pinflux Review: Get Pricing for the Pinterest Automation App

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Nowadays, online businesses are booming as the number of audiences and visitors in social media sites increases. There are various ways to do online marketing, but there are very few effective marketing tools available. These lack of tools causes a lot of difficulties to a large number of marketing users. Pinflux delivers users with automated online marketing tools to efficiently make sales on Pinterest.

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Review of Pinflux

Pinflux delivers its users with the ultimate solution to harvesting a large number of traffic. This software allows its users to experience a great increase in the number of followers by automatically driving in traffic. With a significant large pool of audiences, users can very easily make tons of sales and earn a profitable income. This feature completely eliminates the need to manually find and add customers. To get more exposure to broader audiences, users can share and connect other social media accounts.

Lastly, it is very important to have only active followers as compared to inactive ones. Therefore, the system will automatically scan and remove inactive followers who are not following users’ contents.

Effective Automated System

Pinflux allows users to schedule their content and pin it automatically. Upon setting up scheduling system, Pinflux will automatically start pinning content on board at the exact selected time and date. For efficient audience engagement, users can schedule their board to be promoted simultaneously on multiple accounts. With the filter system, user can easily catch all the present trending and viral contents.

By using specific keywords, users can attract a variety of customers and potential active buyers. Lastly, there is no need for the user to install a separate app to keep track of activities. This is because users will automatically receive notifications and reports of each and every activity performed through the software.

Price Plans and Benefits

Pinflux has two types of purchasable products available for a very affordable price. Their monthly subscription license, Elite Monthly package can be purchased for $14. And, their onetime payment package, Elite Lifetime is available for $47. Upon purchase, users are granted full support on four of their purchased accounts and all these packages are upgradable.

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