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PayMember Pricing: Get Review for the Amazing Program

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It is possible to sell any content on a membership site. But, a membership site should be used in doing so. You just have to use a reliable membership site software for this task. PayMember is an amazing tool for this task.


PayMember Review and Features

When you will think that you can sell some contents on a website, it is very important to protect those contents first. And then, that site must have a membership facility. Only the members will be able to access those contents. Sometimes, it can be necessary to secure an entire page. A membership site can easily be created with a powerful software. PayMember is a great choice in this case. It comes with so many important features. Some of these features are:

Get Full Control

PayMember provides a full control over the design of your pages. This software will make every page looking the same way you desire. It helps to create different membership plans. It works with various payment processors while gating the payment. But, it will check the emails of customers whether they are verified by PayPal. JVZoo, and WarriorPlus are some of these payment processors. PayMember is capable of getting important data of the members of your site. For example, this solution tracks chargeback, purchase, and the refund history of every customer. This tool is capable of working with various autoresponders.

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Sell Everything

This solution helps to protect almost all kinds of contents. That means, it will let only the members to access these contents. This tool helps to sell all kinds of articles. PDFs, videos, and the other digital contents can also be sold by this tool. There is no need to go through a set of difficult steps to protect these contents. PayMember will help to do so in just seconds. Another important thing is, it works only based on PayPal. That means, this software confirm only those members who have authorized PayPal account. So, it will be very easy to get their payment and earn a big money.

Very Easy Steps

We have mentioned a few important features of PayMember. Now, let’s discuss about the steps of protecting a webpage. First of all, this solution will allow you to put the name of your campaign. And then, it will ask for a URL of the targeted webpage. Then, each and every content of that page will be protected. That means, PayMember will make every download link, texts, image, and video accessible only for members. Sometimes, you may need protect only a few contents. In such a case, you have to enter content names and click on a button once. It will make those contents protected in just a few seconds. There is no need to protect a new content on an already protected site. That means, it will automatically make that secured.

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