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PartnerStack Pricing | Get Review of the Monitor Software

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Check PartnerStack review and pricing provided here. Get the software which is the new standard in partner and channel management.

Sometimes, we run a business with the help of multiple partner channels. These channels should be monitored very efficiently. Otherwise, it will not be possible to earn a big profit. PartnerStack is a great solution to manage these channels.


A Small Review of PartnerStack

A business owner may run a business without taking help of any partners. But sometimes, a business owner may target a big region to sell his products. In that case, he must take help from one or more channels. For example, a marketing channel may be needed to make a good image of his brand and products. Similarly, referral channels may also be needed to make a bigger sale. All these things should be handled properly to get a better result. There are only a few solutions that are capable of helping to manage all these. PartnerStack is one of these solutions. If you are satisfied with the review which helps to monitor channel efficiently, please purchase the product with our discount. Grab the PartnerStack coupon now.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

PartnerStack will allow you to deal with every channel and every partner very easily. It helps to offer separate URLs, pages, and referral ID to every partner. Assigning these items is not the only important task. You have to monitor the performance of each of them. In doing so, it offers a very impressive dashboard. This dashboard is fully customizable. You just have to set it, and get the required data. After that, these data can easily be exported to a CSV file. Sometimes, it will be necessary to offer various tools and assets to partners. PartnerStack has the asset and tool segmenting facilities to handle such situations.

PartnerStack review

Control Almost Everything

We have already mentioned, this software allows to send custom referral links to every partner. Similarly, it is possible to set custom pages. Each of these pages will contain your brand name, logo, colors, and other elements. Sometimes, you may need to boost signups, sales, and reviews. In those cases PartnerStack will be very helpful. It will help to generate various promotional campaigns to boost those things.

PartnerStack Pricing

Depending on the types of channels, there are three different plans for PartnerStack. The Lite Plan of this solution is available for only USD 500 per month without the discount code. This one is suitable if your target is to handle only marketing partners. And, this one is suitable for a single channel. Lots of business owners are used to deal with multiple partner channels. The Pro License is suitable to them. It can be bought by paying only USD 800 per month. Both these licenses will charge extra 15% fee on partner layouts. And, the PartnerStack Enterprise is a customizable plan. You can get it as per the types of channels and partners. We suggest this if you need to work with a complex multi-channel business model.

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