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Parted Magic Coupon and Amazing Discount Upon Purchase

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10% Cashback on Parted Magic

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Buy any Parted Magic license with 10% cashback, as per the following cashback discount image.

Parted Magic

Enjoy stunning Parted Magic coupon as per the PM image in 2021.

In the computers of our home and office, we use the hard disk. As this type of storage stores all the important data, it is very important to manage it. Parted Magic can be considered as a powerful hard disk management solution for its powerful features.

Parted Magic Features and Review

Normally we purchase different solutions for managing our computer hard disk. But purchasing each of these software separately will cost you huge money. If all the hard disk related task can be done by a single solution, that will be more effective and cost saving. There are only a few solutions which can perform all these tasks. Parted Magic is one of these few solutions. Enjoy all the exclusive features of the solution with our coupon. The Parted Magic discount is going to be useful. This solution has so many powerful features. Some of these features are:

Efficient Disk Partitioning

A very strong partition editor has been added to the Parted Magic. This partition editor is capable of resizing any partition of the hard disk. An ordinary tool cannot shrink a partition safely. But this tool is capable of doing this task very efficiently. Similarly, it is capable of copying and moving the partitions quickly and safely. By performing these operations, this tool can ensure more free space. For this reason, it will be very easy to install a new operating system of the targeted device. Parted Magic offers a powerful data rescue mode. During any operation, it is not impossible to lose any data. With the rescue mode, this software can easily recover that lost data. Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing the important data anymore.

Disk Cloning & Erasing

Sometimes, cloning of a computer hard disk can be very important. In these cases, most of the tools require a huge time. And during the cloning process, these tools can damage some important data. Parted Magic is very efficient in doing this task safely and quickly. It can clone an entire disk or a single partition. It can create image file of every necessary data and save that file to any device or server. You  will be able to restore that image file anytime you want. Similarly, this solution provides safe disk erasing and overwriting facilities.

Reasonable PM Pricing Plan and Discount

Normally the price of an all-in-one solution is high. But in case of the Parted Magic, you don’t have worry about the pricing, because it is very much affordable. Prior to 2019, you have to pay only 9 USD excluding the discount for purchasing this product. For some additional partition features, this solution has become more efficient. It is one of those very few tools which support the MSDOS or GPT partition tables. Similarly, it can work with MIB partition alignment also. Sometimes, you may need to enable or disable the partition flags. In those cases, Parted Magic will be very helpful.

In conclusion, please get the Linux-based bootable disk with our coupon. We are hoping that the Parted Magic discount will satisfy you.

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