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Panorama Studio Discount | Avail Exclusive Coupon in 2021

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15% Cashback on Panorama Studio

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Buy PanoramaStudio 3 Basic or Pro license with 15% cashback discount.

Please click on the following links, buy the product and then claim us for 15% cashback as per below image.

PanoramaStudio 3

PS 3 Pro License

Panorama Studio Discount

Avail fabulous cash back as Panorama Studio discount. Kindly check the PS image.

Panoramic images are capable of attracting so many people with the wide angle view. Most of the cameras cannot capture these images properly. That is why, a reliable tool should be used to generate these photos. Panorama Studio can be a great solution for this task.

Panorama Studio Features and Review

There are some software companies providing a big number of products. But, Tshsoft is not like those companies. It provides only a few products. Each of these products is a specialized one to generate different types of panoramic images. The name of the product of this company is Panorama Studio. This software has three different editions. Depending on their features and your necessities, you have to make the right choice. Take advantages of the exclusive image creating features of PS with our discount. Get the Panorama Studio coupon today. Let’s see some major benefits and features of these products:

Some Core Features

No matter which edition of Panorama Studio is purchased, it will provide some common features. For example, each of these tools can handle the 16 bit images. A very impressive stitching facility is another good feature of it. This software can perform this task with a big row of images at a time. There are some other tools to perform this task. In most of the cases, you have to align every image with others manually. But, this one is capable of aligning all the photos automatically. After aligning, it can also blend those with ease. Panorama Studio has a lens distortion reducing tool. That is why, there is no need to use other professional tools to reduce any noise generated by the lenses. It can detect over 2.3 thousand cameras and their photos of different formats.

Panorama Studio

Some Pro Features

If you purchase the Pro License of Panorama Studio, then there will be some pro features. This powerful product is capable of stitching so many multi-row images. That is why, some more attractive images can be generated by this product. Fisheye lenses are very impressive wide angle lenses. Different types of fisheye images are supported by this product too. Another impressive feature of this Pro License is it can generate some 360 degree panoramic images.

Panorama Studio Discount and Pricing

Prior to the year of 2021, the price of Panorama Studio is only 39.95 USD without the discount code. Considering all its features, this price should be considered as very attractive. I have already mentioned that the Pro Edition of this software comes with some advanced features and facilities. That is why, you have to pay 79.90 USD to buy this one. Sometimes, it can be necessary to use this software for some commercial purposes. In such cases, Panorama Studio Viewer Edition should be purchased. Only 59 USD should be paid to purchase this edition. To use this one, an internet connection is required. For every session, you will get a key to use it.

Hence, avail the 360 degrees and also panoramic images creating features of PS with our coupon. Hopefully, the Panorama Studio discount is going to be loved by you.

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