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Option Lock Review: Get Pricing for Email List Improving System

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Check amazing Option Lock review and pricing provided here. Get the email list improving system to boost us the conversion rates.

In this modern life, the presence of the online system has enabled a lot of supports in our practical section. Due to the presence of the web industry, the online system is getting flexible. Under the web section a lot of factors are needed to assure. Among of these factors, the email list improvement system is a needed condition. To enable this process, Option Lock is a reliable platform.

Option Lock Review

This active solution offers the way to grow up the email list. Through Option Lock, the users can simply boost up the conversion rates with the locking parts of the available posts and the pages. Besides, to serve the premium contents to the subscribers, it offers the needed activities and the functions. By using this solution, the task of creating the lead magnets process can be handled. After that, you can also hide the needed advice, e-book, free report, affiliate links, tutorial or the coupon code.

Features Offered by Option Lock

Content Locking system: To enable this system, this platform offers all the supportive functions. Through this tool, the users can easily hide the premium contents in an option based form. After that, you can unlock it after the visitor’s subscription process to the mailing list. This active feature offers the way to boost up the email subscription system and the income.

In-content based option forms: To create the option forms with the regular basis, it offers the locking system. You can add them in any section on the corresponding website. This system can be managed for the specific posts, sidebar section, pages and the footer section.

Lightbox Popups: To create the lightbox popup system, this offers the single mouse click option. Through this, you will get the full controlling system over the needed popup. After that, the form designing section is also developed with the high conversion process. Here, the users can style the option forms without applying any source code.

Color Picker and the media system: To change the color section of the available forms, you can apply the color picker system. The users don’t need to apply the CSS code or the programming skills. After that, the adding process of the media files is also very flexible. Besides, the task of unlimited campaigning process, file managing process and the other tasks can also be organized through this.

The Packages and the Prices

Option Lock offers three packages and these are: Basic, Plus and the Pro. The price of the basic package is $49. For the Plus package is, you need to pay only $99. For the Pro package, the users will have to pay $199 and this package contains a huge supports.

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