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OptinSkin Plugin Review : WordPress Plugin to Create Websites

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You can use different types of tools and plugins for your WordPress site to increase the subscribers to that site. You have to ensure a huge number of subscribers and visitors if you want to make your site smarter and popular. One of the ways for ensuring increasing number of subscribers is adding opt-in or subscriber forms to the website. To do that, you can use the OptinSkin tool which is actually a useful WordPress plugin.


Review of the OptinSkin Plugin

How the gorgeous opt-in forms for the websites can be created? You may think that you need to create those by different types of coding. But to be fact, you don’t have to face much difficulty to create those. The OptinSkin is such plugin which will help you create such forms very easily. You can use the forms created by this plugin to your blogs and other types of sites. The quickness and effectiveness of this product is very high. The main reasons why you can select this plugin are highlighted below:

High Conversion Rate

When you will choose the opt-in form generator for your website, you must consider the conversion rate of that. You will be glad to know that the conversion rate of the OptinSkin is very high. All the contents you will select can be included in the forms very quickly. With this product, you will get the suggestions to make the forms more attractive for visitors. Design is another main thing for the opt-in forms and share boxes. Changing the colors, fonts and styles of those will be very easy if you have this innovative plugin. To change the properties of those, you don’t have to rely on other sources. That means its built-in source is very rich.

Fading and Customizing

All the opt-in form creator tools do not have the fading facility but the OptinSkin has. Have you ever seen the fades in the opt-in forms or advertisement boxes? That thing can be done by you now. This plugin will let you add the fades in your forms as contents. So you can attract more visitor and customers. The fade can be placed anywhere on the forms with no difficulty. Though 18 different designs have been included in the OptinSkin, you may want more. So if you have to HTML or CSS coding experience, then you can utilize those to create new designs. Everybody does not like to place the forms to the same place of the blogs or websites. This plugin will let you place those anywhere in your site.

Strong Affiliate Features

OptinSkin is very helpful for the affiliate programs. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to earn more money from your site. The clickbank links can be integrated with the forms created by the OptinSkin. It will also let you integrate the email marketing tools, services with your generated forms. By following only few steps, you will be able to create very attractive forms using this plugin. Two types of licenses are available for this product. The price of the Single Website license is only 67 USD according to 03 December 2014. On the other hand, Unlimited Site license is available at 97 USD only.

optinskin plugin review

Key Features and Benefits

You will be able to create beautiful opt-in forms with the help of this premier plugin. If you do not know much about the coding and programing languages like CSS and HTML, you will face no problem to use this effective plugin. Most important features of the OptinSkin plugin is it provides very useful split testing system. By using this innovative system, you will be able to test each and every element of the opt-in forms.

There are so many opt-in form generator tools which cannot create totally customizable opt-in or subscriber forms. In this case the OptinSkin is best because it will let you customize those forms very easily and quickly. You can customize the opt-in forms on your WordPress site by adding different types of and styles of texts. You can also change the number of boxes to those opt-in forms. The color and graphics can also be changed with the help of the OptinSkin. Different types of shades can be added to the forms to make those very attractive.

If you know the HTML or CSS coding, then you will be able to customize your opt-in of subscriber forms more beautifully. You can add your own photos and animations to the forms. You may know about the Click Bank, which is one of the easiest ways of earning profit from the websites. Moreover, an innovative feature of the OptinSkin is it will let you add or integrate your Click Bank id with the created opt-in forms.

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