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One Click Root Discount and Exclusive Coupon on Purchase

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30% Cashback on One Click Root Purchase

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One Click Root

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One Click Root Reviews

There should be no doubt that Android devices are very powerful and flexible. Many people can make this even more flexible by rooting. Simply we can say that, you can do things, by smartphones after rooting, which cannot be done before. For example, incompatible apps can be installed on those devices after this operation. That means, accessing to root directories are possible very easily. Now there is one problem too. If this task cannot be done properly, the entire system of a phone will not work properly. That is why, you need a software which can do this safely. In this case, I can suggest One Click Root which has following features:

Very Easy Steps

There are some other software which can root any Android smartphone. But it can be said that, working with One Click Root is very easy. With the help of this one, rooting task can be done by following just four easy steps. First of all, this software should be downloaded and installed. This is compatible with both Windows and Mac. After that, you have to connect your device with a computer. For doing this, USB cable must be used. After this, USB debugging should be opened from the smartphones. After that, One Click Root will let you root your phone by just one click. This procedure will not make any harm to the device and the performance of that.

All Important Features

One Click Root has come with so many features. This software will allow to install incompatible apps after rooting. Sometimes, it may be required to install custom ROMs. In those cases, this software is helpful too. We know that every smartphone has limited features. After rooting, you can add more features to the smartphone. For example, Near Field Communication and PhotoSphere features can be added very easily. This software is also helpful for preserving battery live for several hours in a day.

Your Android phone will show better speed and performance. Various services are integrated with this solution. If your rooting goes wrong, unrooting can be done by this. It is also helpful for removing Bloatware and repairing Android.

One Click Root Pricing and Discount

You can purchase One Click Root separately or as part of the package. In case of separate solution, price of this software starts from only 39.95 USD for single device. For two devices, without the provided discount, the cost of this solution will be only 49.95 USD as per 22 January 2017. And for 3 rooting three devices, 59.95 should be paid. Sometimes, you may need to purchase this one with a data recovery facility. In that case, cost for this package will be 89.95 only. Similarly, this software is available with Monitor Software too. For this one, you have to pay only 199.95 USD. Each of these packages of One Click Root is available for single and multiple devices.

There is One Click Root discount that we are providing. There are several buying options like root android only, data recovery and monitor install. The coupon promotes the cool rooting tool with cheaper price.

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