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Norton One Review | Get Pricing of the Antivirus Protection

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Avail Norton One review and pricing served here. Get the antivirus that will protect your devices from malware, threats, etc.

All the old software and the latest security tools of Norton brand are almost equal popular. Among the latest tools Norton One is very unique one. There are so many things in this tool which are the reason behind its popularity. We have tried to find out some of the features.

Norton one

Norton One Review

This software is a smart one because it can be installed in various types of devices. You may feel tensed about the protection of all the devices you have in your home like PC, android smartphones and Tablets. So you can use this tool in maximum five devices.

Features of the Program

It works as an Antivirus as well as Internet Security tool in your PC. So it will never let any virus or malware to attack your PC. It also makes your online bank accounts and social media accounts secured from the hackers attacks. For the MACs it works as an Internet Security to keep the device saved from the Malwares and Trojans attack. It can filter all the websites and emails for detecting the harmful sites and spams.

Norton One offers all the features of an Android Security for the smartphones. It can block the unwanted messages and calls. It gives very good protection to your personal data and contact numbers when your phone is lost.

You will get 25 gigabytes protected online storage with this tool where you can save any kind of files you want. Norton offers hundred per cent guarantee for the performance of this tool.

Norton one review

Norton Family Premier Review

This is one of the innovative software of Norton brand. It is created for the parents who are always worried about the internet use of their children. With this software you can control and monitor the internet use of your children. We have find out some great points about this tool.

Benefits and Advantages

You can monitor everything about what your child is doing in internet. You can block any kind of websites and blogs which are for adults. Even you can block any search term to the on the browsers. Each and every item which are searched by the children you can see those.

This tool is so strong that you will be informed about which videos were seen by your child when you are not in home. You can bock the adult videos of any video sharing sites. You will be reported about how much time the PC was used and what types of files were played. You can always monitor that what are your kids discuss about in the social media site, which are their friends and what type of files they are sharing with each other. If your child tries to enter any website which is blocked by you then you will be reported immediately.

The Family Premier saves the history of browsing and chatting of last 3 months. You can get the reports via email too. You can check whenever you want to. You will get free mobile app with this tool which is also very friendly.

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