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NoMoreDupes Review | Get Pricing of the Amazing Software

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Avail NoMoreDupes review and pricing provided here. Avail the software to perfectly remove duplicate items from outlook files.

Outlook is a great tool to record your contacts, e-mails, schedule tasks, calendar and other journal entries. You may share and synchronize these items from one computer’s Outlook list to other several computers. Whenever there is a lot of items on the Outlook files, there is a probability to have the same contacts, e-mails or other items twice or more than twice. So you will need to take actions to remove these duplicate items. But if there is a lot of duplicate items, it will consume huge time to identify them and delete them manually. Isn’t it good enough to have a tool that will do this work for you, which can automatically search for duplicate items on the Outlook files and remove them.


NoMoreDupes Product Review

NoMoreDupes is the perfect program that can handle this kind of situation. NoMoreDupes perfectly removes the duplicate items from the Outlook files. You just need to use NoMoreDupes which will cost very low and you don’t need to use any other tool. NoMoreDupes will completely satisfy you.

NoMoreDupes review

Benefits of NoMoreDupes

  • NoMoreDupes is an add-on for Outlook and it works fine with Outlook.
  • It can look through all the items of the Outlook files to check for duplicate.
  • NoMoreDupes can even search across all the folders of the Outlook files. It is handy if you have same items within two or more folders.
  • Whenever a duplicate entry is found, NoMoreDupes quickly and securely deletes that duplicate one.
  • It supports mailbox, public folder and exchange servers.
  • You can see the current process as preview and get the related information like the location of the items and also get the date of modification.
  • It is able to find the duplicate items which are not in the same folder.
  • To be sure about the duplicate items, you can open the items with just one click and observe it.
  • There is an option that NoMoreDupes will send the duplicate items in a specific folder. You can check that whenever you have free time.
  • NoMoreDupes can merge the duplicate items. To merge items, it checks the most current version of the items and keeps that.
  • NoMoreDupes has a user friendly interface and easily customizable options. It contains only the necessary settings.
  • NoMoreDupes costs very less but saves lots of your time. Keeps your Outlook data neat and clean.
  • Every time you do a synchronization, NoMoreDupes will come handy to identify if there is any duplicate.
  • You can delete the duplicate item permanently or move the item to the deleted items folder so that you can restore it if necessary.

Other Important Description

NoMoreDupes works on Windows platform. It supports all the major versions of Windows including the latest release Windows 8. Also supports both the 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems. NoMoreDupes works fine with Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2013. Offers a one year free upgrades.

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