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Nextend Review | Avail Pricing for the Web Industry Platforms

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Check exciting Nextend review provided here. Avail pricing for the web industry platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

In this modern time, the online system is a needed one condition almost for every section. In every sector, we need to reflect the facilities of the web section. In fact; the web based activities are totally related to this. Under the web industry, WordPress, Joomla and the Magento platform is very helpful for the users. These platforms offer some systematic way to develop any site. For these platforms, Nextend offers various types of solution like Accordion Menu and Smart Slider 2.


Nextend Products and the Review

By using the Accordion Menu, the users can simply manage the custom menu option in the corresponding site. By using Smart Slider 2, you can easily create the sliding solution.

About Accordion Menu

To build up the custom based menu system with the user friendly format, Accordion Menu is very supportive. Through this, the users will get the chance of opening or closing various types of levels with the submenu system by assuring the term of hierarchical structure. This offers a lot of supports to develop any site with the customizable features. Accordion Menu ensures the navigation system in any website by which the needed contents can be placed in a limited place. Besides, this option allows the way to access into the item in a quick format. In the menu design section, it offers a lot of formats with the HTML or CSS designing systems. Here, various fonts are available which can be controlled through the Font Manager section. Besides, this tool offers the facilities for the ecommerce section with the SEO formation and the related terms.

Nextend Review

Information on Smart Slider 2

Smart Slider 2 is considered as a sliding solution for the websites developed by WordPress, Joomla and Magenta. It is one of the best products issued by Nextend and it is enriched with the responsive solution. In fact; the modern websites are designed with the sliding option. To enable this format, Smart Slider 2 offers all the helpful options and through this, you can simply get the attention of the viewers in any site. The presentation section can be managed through this slider program is an easy manner.

The Packages and the Prices

Nextend offers two products. Under the Smart Slider 2, the users will get two categories while choosing the specific package. From the Subscription category, the users will get Personal ($29) and Business ($49). In the category of One-time payment, the Starter package is issued with $19 and Lifetime is issued with $99. In the Accordion Menu, you will also get two categories like Subscription and One-time Payment. In the Subscription category, the Personal ($29) and Business ($49) packages are available.

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