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Netsanity Coupon: Get Discount for Mobile Parental Control Tool

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Signup for One Device or Two Device plan with our above link and once you upgrade to the paid plan, please claim for 15% discount cashback. Please see following Netsanity image for this.

Netsanity Coupon

Enjoy nice Netsanity coupon for one to two devices. Please have a look at the Netsanity image for this 15% coupon.

Nowadays, even a kid is smartphone addicted. You cannot stop them using the phones. But, it is possible to restrict their usage. A parental control tool is required to do this task. Netsanity is a top class parental control software. It works on both the Android and iOS devices.

A Small Review of the Netsanity

There are various types of parental control tools. Some of these tools are very difficult to use. For this reason, you have to spend several minutes in every day to keep those effective. That means, you have to spend several hours in a week to protect your kids. Sometimes, a person may not have enough time to handle this thing. So, his kids will access something that he does not want to. To solve this issue, you have to select such a software that is powerful and very easy to use. Netsanity is a good choice in this case. Get Netsanity at cheaper price with our discount coupon. Simply follow the procedure mentioned in the image above to enjoy the Netsanity discount. This affordable software has following features and facilities:

Powerful App Blocker

More than 70 popular apps are there for which your kids waste more time. All these apps can be blocked by Netsanity with one click. Some of these apps are Twitter, YouTube, and Pandora. Enabling and disabling this app blocking facility is very easy with this parental control solution. Similarly, this software also offers a time blocker tool. It will help you to set a time schedule for the internet usage. After a previously set period, Netsanity will automatically stop the internet usage facility. You can integrate this facility with some tighter control functionalities.


Content Locker Tool

Sometimes, we see kids get addicted with the porn and some other adult contents. This software is able to block those contents very efficiently. Another problem occurs when we use internet. A website may not have any inappropriate content. But, some advertisements are shown on these sites. Some of these advertisements are not suitable for the kids. These can redirect the internet users to some adult websites. Netsanity is capable of blocking these advertisements with ease. This solution has an advanced YouTube filtering option. Similarly, SafeSearch, GameBlocker, and SiteBlocker are the other built in tools of this software.

Netsanity Coupon and Multiple Pricing Plans

Some people may need this solution to handle only one device. In that case, its price will be only 59.95 USD per year without the coupon code. This price will become more attractive when you will get Netsanity for two devices. In that case, you have to pay only 99.95 USD per year, according to this post creating time. Sometimes, you may need to handle more devices. First of all, a two-device license should be bought. Then, you can upgrade that for maximum 25 Android and iOS devices. These family plans are more cost effective. Before purchasing any of these licenses of Netsanity, you can enjoy a trial edition for 14 days.

Hence, please get the parental control solution by using our discount. The Netsanity coupon will make the product cheaper for you.

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