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NET Reactor Discount, Get Fascinating Coupon and Pricing

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10% Cashback on .NET Reactor (Company License)

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Buy the Company License with 10% cashback as per image.

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.NET Reactor and the Review

.NET Reactor is defined as a powerful one tool by which the users can protect the intellectual property right. It enables the users to assure the licensing system of any software product. It contains the needed functions to protect the revenue streams while enforcing a series of options. Due to having these conditions, you can enable the needed restriction for the trial version as well as the full version. It covers all the needed layers to occupy these activities. With this code protection method, the software owners can stop decompiling. This is a helpful product for any software developer. Get this helpful software with our discount coupon. Our .NET Reactor coupon will be pretty much helpful in getting the product more easily.

Code Conditions inside This

.NET Reactor allows .Net based code encryption method. The available resources can easily be encrypted or compressed while depending on this. For managing exe file generation process, it allows some default conditions. The control flow of any code can easily be obfuscated through this. Then, it allows anti-tampering condition as a default structure. Moreover, it offers some more active issues like string encryption, Pre-JIT support, IL code removal process, anti ILDASM, digital signature integration and so on. Besides, it is also supportive for iOS and Xamarin Android.

Active Features Offered Here

.NET Reactor allows some powerful logics to maintain the licensing system. In case of creating the trial version of any software product, the developers can set the expiration date. Besides, they can also set the using time or date after completing the installation process. The limitation can be managed by depending on a user basis. In case of converting the trial version into the full version, it asks some needed steps. If any user completes the payment method successfully, then the active limitations for the trial version will be removed. Here, for the full license, the developers can also set some conditions with the support of .NET Reactor. In fact; the full license can also be controlled by permanent using policy or limiting time.

Additional Supports: .NET Reactor also includes some more features in a reliable way. With this tool, you can simply secure the .NET application as well as the .NET libraries. Besides, the CIL code can be replaced with the native code while using this. For assuring the protection method, some layer systems have been integrated here. Besides, you will be able to merge assemblies with the support of this. For operating all of these tasks, it allows flexible GUI. Moreover, this tool integrates third party based support.

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Pricing and Discount of .NET Reactor

The current version of this product if To get a single developer license of this, you have to pay only $179. For the company license, only $279 is needed excluding the discount. Both these two packages offer update support freely for a single year.

So, please take advantage of the coupon to purchase this strong code protection and also software licensing system. Grab this .NET Reactor discount today.

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10% Cashback on .NET Reactor (Single Developer License)

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Get purchase of Single Developer license with 10% cashback.