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Nestify Coupon: Avail Discount on Website Hosting Sevices

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15% Cashback on Nestify

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Avail 15% cashback on purchasing any Nestify plan with our link. Please see below Nestify image for this cashback discount.

Nestify coupon

Get amazing Nestify coupon as per above NF image.

Hosting services are offered by so many companies. Among them, only a few companies come with WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services. Nestify is one of these companies.

A Small Review of the Nestify

An ordinary hosting facility is not much effective for WordPress or WooCommerce sites. You have to use managed services to handle these sites. But unfortunately, every hosting provider does not offer these managed facilities. Nestify comes with services for handling both these types of sites. It has multiple licenses for each. That is why, you can access its products by choosing a suitable license. Make your website fast and reliable using the hosting service with our coupon. Please follow the image procedure to avail the amazing Nestify discount.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, lots of companies provide managed hosting services for WordPress sites. Nestify also has that facility. But, this company comes with some impressive features. For example, it has a free migration facility. That is why, you will be able to migrate a website that is powered by another hosting provider to this one. There is no need to think about the security of a site after purchasing Nestify service. It regularly scans a site with its powerful security tools. Hence, there will be no insecure plugin and vulnerability in your website. Even, no hacker will become successful to hack that to grab essential data. You will enjoy a daily backup facility by accessing this service. Actually, it stores backups in three different locations. But, you can restore those by just one click.


Suitable for eCommerce

A big number of eCommerce sites are created by using WooCommerce. That is why, Nestify provides a top quality hosting service for WooCommerce. You will be able to deploy your site from its user console with just a few clicks. A group of engineers is there to migrate a website instantly. And, they will not charge any fee for that. It comes with a top quality stack. Developers will love to work with this stack. There is no need to depend on any other tool to handle your code. This solution comes with Git push support, and CLI tools. Similarly, it helps to update anything in WordPress very easily.

Nestify Coupon and Pricing

For large and WooCommerce sites, Nestify provides four different licenses. Among them, n-small is the tiniest one. It can be bought by paying only $79 per month. It supports maximum 5 websites and 40GB SSD storage. The n-medium plan can be accessed by paying only $99 per month without the coupon code. You will be able to handle up to 10 websites with this one. Similarly, n-large and n-xlarge plans are affordable too. Nestify provides three different licenses for small websites. The Starter License is available for only USD 7.99 per month. It is capable of handling 10 thousand monthly visitors. Personal and Professional licenses are available for only USD 19.99 and USD 49.99 per month respectively. No hidden charges are applied to these plans.

Hence, get the amazing hosting facility with a cheaper price with our discount coupon. If you have any query about Nestify coupon, kindly contact with us.

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