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Movavi Game Capture Review, Ultimate Game Recorder

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Movavi Game Capture is the dream application for any PC gamer enthusiast. This interactive program makes PC video recording seem like an easy task thus giving customers a user friendly experience. Movavi Game Capture is a must have program for PC gamer YouTubers that have a huge fan base following them. All of their game play and achievements can record in high quality using Movavi Game Capture. Gaming youtubers can also use the software to upload gaming tutorial videos.

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Review on Movavi Game Capture

Movavi Game Capture is not limited to only record gaming videos. Teachers can use the software to record other tutorial videos. It can also use to record certain program features to show to prospective clients. Movavi Game Capture captures video through computer screen allows audiences to enjoy videos in High Definition quality. The software provides users with an in-built application of video editor thus allowing users to edit their videos as wanted. This means that extra video editing programs do not need to install. Other than video capture, the software can also be used to solely capture audio profiles such as soundtracks in high quality and can be saved in several audio file formats.

Features of Movavi Game Capture

Presently, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the most popular and comprehensive program in terms of recording computer screen video programs. Its user friendly interface allows users to easily create various tutorial videos, record webcam sessions. Such as Skype video calls or important video meeting sessions, record other program’s configuration. That can be used to present to prospective clients or it could simply be used to create a YouTube video. User can record videos by following simple step by step guides provided by the manuals from the software. Some of the necessary steps required are explained in detail below:

Screen Capture Options

Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows users to have complete control over the entire recording process. This is managed due to the software’s detailed and comprehensive video capture settings configuration. This makes the outcome of the video quality to be exactly as what the user wants it to be according to his/her preference. Movavi Screen Capture Studio gives several options such as setting recording area of computer screen, setting frame rate of up to 60 fps or less, allows users to choose audio from system audio or microphone, and last but not the least, Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows users to make an interactive cursor display to guide the viewers according to the user’s choice.

Additional options such as “timer” allows user to stop recording after a specific time. The video recorder can save in several formats some of which include FLV, MKV, AVI and MP4. Other than video capture, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is also capable of capturing only audio profiles such as radio music or game soundtracks in high quality.

Editing Options

After saving and recording a video, Movavi Screen Capture Studio provides additional video editing options. This makes Movavi Screen Capture Studio a unique stand-alone program since customers don’t need to invest on additional video editing softwares. The software’s editing features allows users to split a recorded video into several parts and again put them together as a new video. Moreover, multiple videos can put together in a single video using split screen. This feature is immensely useful to show content relating to comparative studies. Various interactive watermark options user can add to the video thus giving users to trademark their videos in creative ways. Other editing features allow users to adjust the video quality through stabilization configuration and adjustment of playback speed of the video recorded.

Movavi Game Capture Review

One Click Feature

Gaming moments could get very intense and such moment calls for the utmost attention of a gamer. Movavi Game Capture realizes the gravity of such situation and allows gamers to record these moments with just one click. By clicking the F10 key, Movavi Game Capture starts recording the gameplay from the user’s computer screen at 60 fps. Once user record the video, he/she can save the video in any format desired. This easy to use feature makes Movavi Game Capture a very desirable program to use.

Several Video Formats to Choose From

Movavi Game Capture allows users to save their recorded video in most of the popular formats. Some of the popular format types provided by this software for users to choose from include FLV, MKV, AVI and MP4. Movavi Game Capture does not limit its feature only to PC. It also allows users to enjoy its feature through mobile devices as well. The software is adaptable with most of the popular mobile OS systems, some of which include iOS for iPhones, Android systems, Black berry system, and many others. A collection of the videos recorded can organize in a library system and can view in both PC and mobile devices.


Movavi Screen Capture Studio offers its packages for both personal and commercial uses. Original pricing for the personal and commercial packages are $79.95 and $169.95 respectively. However, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is offering an attractive limited-time special discount offer of up to 40%. The offer lasts till May 22, 2016. This discount reduces the new prices for the software’s personal and commercial packages to $49.95 and $99.95 respectively.

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