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Mobicip Discount: Cool Coupon on Parental Control Cloudware

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Get purchase of Premium plan with 5% cashback discount, once you buy the paid plan with ‘Click to Redeem’. Please see Mobicip image below.


Get amazing Mobicip discount, as per the MC image.

Children are using mobile phones and computers nowadays. To monitor their activities on these devices, a parental control tool can be used. There are only a few companies providing these tools. Mobicip one of these very few names.

Review and Features of Mobicip

It is not possible to monitor the computers and mobile devices of your kids manually. Some powerful privacy protector tools are available right now. That is why, they can easily hide their files and activities. But the thing is, they can be misguided very easily by some of their friends. It is the time of information and communication. Hence, they can easily communicate with some friends, who are really harmful. To solve all these problems, you can use Mobicip. Enjoy all the MC features with the discount. The Mobicip coupon is going to be helpful.

Mobicip Discount

Browsing History Viewing

There are different kinds of addiction in many kids. Some of them are addicted to the adult pornography. And some may love to do unnecessary shopping. All these things can be monitored from their browsing history. Mobicip is capable of doing this task very efficiently. For getting this report, you don’t have to touch your kid’s device. It will automatically send these reports on your email account. Smartphone and tablets are very much flexible devices that support various types of apps. Some of these apps can be harmful. For this reason, Mobicip can monitor these apps very efficiently.

Control Internet Usage

This software will let you control the internet usage in any device. It allows to set time limits for using internet. If any user tries to access internet, it can be seen in the browsing history. For these features, you will be able control any kid, who is addicted to the internet. A very advanced internet filtering facility is offered by Mobicip. By using these techniques, separate profiles can be set for each user. In these profiles, you will be able to add some prohibited keywords and phrases. This solution also provides a very efficient content filtering facility.

Attractive MC Pricing Plans and Discount

Premium License of Mobicip is the most popular one. This license can be accessed by paying only 39.99 USD per year excluding the discount as per this review writing time. Each Premium License is capable of protecting five different devices. All the powerful features discussed till now are available with this popular license. Sometimes, you may need to deal with more licenses with a single license. In these cases, Enterprise License of this product can be purchased. It is a flexible license of Mobicip. It can be purchased for more than 20 to unlimited devices. And the price of it will depend on a number of devices. Before purchasing any of these paid plans, you can also use the Free Plan. This one comes with only some basic features, including content filtering and Safe Browser.

Hence, please have the parental control cloudware with coupon. We believe that you are going to like the Mobicip discount.

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