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Metricool Discount | Get Cool Coupon and Review

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Up to $100 Cashback on Metricool

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Get the following Paypal cashback when purchasing Metricool with our ‘Click to Redeem’ link.

Individual license – $10

Brand license – $15

Team 25 license – $50

Team 50 license – $80

Team 250 license – $150

Please see below Metricool image how to get the cashback.

Metricool Discount

Receive fabulous Metricool discount as cash back. Please check the discount in MC image.

Many marketers struggle to find out the performance of their digital content. Every digital content has the potential to bring a certain traffic. Hence, it is very important to analyze and manage its performance. Metricool is a powerful solution, which can do all these with ease.

A Small Review of the Metricool

No matter what type of online campaign you will run, different types of content should be used. It cannot be denied that all these items will perform unequally. That is why, you have to analyze the performance of every content. Then, it will very easier to manage each of these. Now the thing is, you cannot analyze and manage any digital content in a quick time without taking help from a reliable solution. Metricool is a very impressive solution for doing this task. And with the Metricool coupon provided here, you will eventually get the discount cashback on the purchase. Let’s see some features that are offered by it:

Provides All Information

The main feature of Metricool is to monitor different websites and blog. After performing this task, it will let you know about your content. You will be able to know about every content that are performing well and are not performing that much good. Similarly, this software is very much helpful for finding out the most popular web page. It can also find out every source of the visitors.


Makes Scheduled Posts

There is no need to purchase any auto-posting tool after getting Metricool. This software comes with a full-featured auto-posting tool. This one is capable of submitting different posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Different elements, including GIFs and images, can be posted by it too. More importantly, it performs everything based on a schedule. Metricool is capable of providing a report on the growth of a project or website. This report can easily be submitted to your boss. Before submitting a report, you will be allowed to customize that with a customized logo and design.

Metricool Discount, Plans and Pricing

Different types of plans are available for Metricool. The Individual Plan of this product can be purchased by expensing only $9.99/month excluding the discount in a monthly billing system. It is capable of making two thousand posts in a month. If you are looking for a tool to promote your brand with multiple team members, then Brand License of this product can be suggested. It will cost you only $17.99 per month, according to this review writing time.

It is also capable of dealing with 1000 posts in a month. Metricool provides different Team Licenses too. Among these, the Team 25 is a very tiny one. It supports up to 25 profiles. 5000 posts can be managed in a month by it. To enjoy this one, only 49 USD/month should be the cost. Similarly, Team 50 and Team 250 Licenses of this solution are also very impressive.

Therefore, grab the tool for managing, analyzing and measuring your digital content with our coupon. Get the Metricool discount in 2021.

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