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MetaSlider Review | Avail Pricing for Responsive WP Slider Plugin

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Check MetaSlider review and pricing served here. Avail the responsive WordPress slider plugin to create stunning slideshow with ease.

In the web development industry, a lot of platforms are available in front of us. WordPress is a popular one among all of them. Here, there is the opportunity to use many types of themes and the plugins that can change the look of any WP site quite easily. MetaSlider is one of them, by which users can use stunning slideshow within a quick process. This is considered as a powerful one slider plugin for the WordPress platform. With this, there is the way to enhance the blog or the website design pattern.


Review on MetaSlider

In designing our personal website or the professional site, we may feel the necessity of using sliders. These sliders contain a lot of value for grabbing the new customers as well as the potential subscribers. But, if you can’t present any slider in a proper way, then this task will be very complex. To remove all of these hassles, MetaSlider is really a supportive one. This plugin is very simple to use having beautiful interface. Besides, your slideshow will adapt the corresponding width of any specific device where they are being displayed. This proves the responsiveness of this tool.

Core Features of This Solution

MetaSlider contains some amazing functions while comparing with the related ones. It doesn’t contain not only the image sliding facility, but also the video sliding criteria. Besides, you can integrate post feed slide, layer slide, carousal, thumbnail etc. In order to develop any photography site, this plugin is one of the best ones. Moreover, this is also applicable to the portfolio sliding activity.

MetaSlider review

Advanced Facilities Offered Here

Inside MetaSlider, you will observe intelligent image cropping facility. It means, it offers unique basis smart crop functionality which will perfectly resize any image. Then, MetaSlider is compatible for 4 sliders in 1. This means, you can pick from Responsive Slides, Coin Slider, Flex Slider and Nivo Slider. Therefore, you will observe live theme editor. The last one of HTML Overlay slides which is an outstanding one features if this tool.

Pricing Condition of MetaSlider

MetaSlider offers total 5 license. The first one is the Free license where you don’t need to pay anything. You can consider this as a trial one. The next one is 1-2 site license. This one is available with $39 only. This license is applicable for the beginner level users. For mid-level business sections, 5 site license is the suitable one. For purchasing this, you will need to pay only $59. Now, if you need some additional license, then you can depend on 20 site license where you need to pay $89 only. The last one is Unlimited site license. This one is the professional one where you have to pay $149 only.

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