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MAPILab Review | Avail Amazing Pricing for the Software

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Check exclusive review and pricing of MAPILab provided here. Get the software to use necessary add-ins in the MS office software.

Many of us use the MS Exchange, Outlook, Excel and other apps. Those are very much useful apps. But how many of us use necessary add-ins with those apps? May be very few. But by using such tools, those apps can be handled more easily. The MAPILab offers various kinds of add-ins for the Microsoft Apps.


Review of the MAPILab

Among a long collection of products of MAPILab, there are some highly recommendable tools. Check the amazing review of these products. Here are some of the top items:

Advanced Consolidation Manager

One of the best products offered by the MAPILab is the Advanced Consolidation Manager which is a MS Excel Add-in. If you want to consolidate the MS Excel data very quickly, then this product is for you. This one can merge the selected tables very efficiently. By several manners, this tool can consolidate the data. For example, this one can create the new worksheet for each of the selected files. This one can calculate with the important operations like summation, average value and others. With all the targeted data, this product can create the large table.

Duplicate Email Remover

MAPILab offers many tools for the Microsoft Outlook. One of those is the Duplicate Email Remover. This product has the ability to remove the duplicate emails very efficiently. After doing so, it can post in the MS Outlook. And the most interesting thing is, it can copy all the duplicates to the specific folder. It can also move the duplicates. That means, the duplicates will not be deleted for good. You can place those in the same or different folders. MAPILab Duplicate Email Remover can also process all the duplicate messages from the folders of MS Exchange Server. If you want to remove the other duplicates like the contacts, tasks and journals, another product named Duplicate Remover for Outlook will help you.

MapiLab review

Attachment Save for Exchange

Another very useful product by MAPILab is the Attachment Save for Exchange. This product has the ability to process the emails along with the attachments automatically. For example, it can easily save and delete the messages depending on the criteria you fixed. Similarly, it can also save the necessary attachments and remove the unnecessary items. Blocking the messages and attached files is also a nice feature of this product. This MAPILab product supports multiple saving rules.

Pricing of the Products

Each of the products of MAPILab is available for very interesting pricing plans. The Advanced Consolidation Manager has various licenses too. For the Single User License of that, you just have to pay 39 USD. The 5-Users License of that can be enjoyed by $159 and of the 10-Users License, the cost will be 249 USD. Similarly the Price of the Duplicate Email Remover is very impressive too. For the Single User License of this, you just have to pay $24 as per 19 August 2016. Suppose, you want to get more than 100 licenses of this. In that case, you just have to pay 7.5 USD for each of those. You can purchase the MAPILab Attachment Save for Exchange for one Exchange Server. The price will only be 459 USD. Just like the other products, you can also purchase this for multiple servers.

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