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MailTag Discount: Get Fantastic Coupon and Review

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25% Cashback on Monthly or Annual

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Get 25% cashback on the Pro license (monthly or annual license), once you buy with our link. Please see following MailTag image for this.

MailTag Discount

Get nice MailTag discount for the Professional license. Please check out the MT image for the promotion.

We usually purchase a separate solution for the email tracking. Similarly, many of us purchase a separate tool for mail scheduling. Both these tasks can easily be done by using the MailTag. This is a very useful Chrome extension. Any newbie or experience marketer can use this tool with ease.

Review of the MailTag at a Glance

There are different types of email tracking tools. Generally, these tools can deal with multiple emailing platforms. But, the most of us use the Gmail for sending and receiving mails. This platform is suitable for personal, as well as, business emailing. Considering this fact, you can choose such a solution, which can mainly work with Gmail. There are various tools for dealing with Gmail. Among all those, MailTag is a strongly recommended one. Get the recommended MY with our discount. The MailTag coupon will be helpful. This Chrome extension has a big list of features. Some major features of this tool are mentioned as follows:

Real Time Tracking

Every recipient may not open your email. This tool has a real time email tracking facility. It will let you know about the recipients who open every email. In addition, it has a useful notification system. That is why, this tool is capable of displaying any notification on your desktop. An email may contain some links. MailTag can track the link-click rates very efficiently. Even, this chrome extension can also track the time when a recipient clicks a link. This tool can also track the device that a recipient use.


MailTag Discount and Affordable Pricing Facility

The Free Plan of this tool has some impressive facility. In short, it provides only the basic features. But, it supports only 3 ping sequences. It adds a MailTag watermark. Another limitation is, it display an ad. That is why, this license is not suitable for any kind of professional projects. The Pro License is suitable for all kinds of projects. It never shows any kind of brand watermarks and ads. In addition, it is capable of dealing with unlimited ping sequences. According to this post creating time, you just have to pay $18/user to get this one without the discount code. MailTag Pro does not charge any monthly amount. Rather, a yearly billing system is valid for it.

Advanced Scheduling

MailTag is capable of performing an efficient scheduling task. It is a fact that there is a suitable period for sending an email. If you can send that in time, there will be a higher opening rate. The scheduling facility of this tool will also any kind of schedules. Then, it will send the emails depending on that schedule. Sometimes, it is necessary to send the same message multiple times. MailTag will let you do that with ease. This software supports different mail follow-ups. That means, it can send a message multiple times after a certain period. You can set this follow-up schedule as per necessity.

So, please get the email tracking, scheduling and more features of MT with our coupon. We hope, you will enjoy the MailTag discount.

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