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Magic Affiliate Plugin Review | Get Pricing for the WordPress Plugins

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Check exciting Magic Affiliate Plugin review and pricing provided here. Get the WordPress e-Commerce plugin and enjoy exiting features now.

Online system is very popular to the people around the world. Now we cannot think any single moment without the online system because of its provided facilities. It is a part and parcel of our modern life. There are various programs related to the web business which is very profitable for the business management. And they are also very available in the web market. Of them, Magic Affiliate Plugin is very popular to the people for its affiliate power.

Magic Affiliate Plugin

Magic Affiliate Plugin Overview

Magic Affiliate Plugin is used for the more profit of the business by the WordPress affiliate plugin system. Unlimited sales teams are found here for the jobs. Various email templates are found here which is customized by the program. And they are provided by the magic affiliate program of the tool. It contains a wonderful supportive system. It is known as multi- language supportive system. It has the power of translate any type of language. Unlimited supportive system and updated system are found here for one year. And it is fully free.

Magic Affiliate Plugin Pricing

Magic Affiliate Plugin is used for mainly WordPress affiliate plugin. And it is the easy way for doing the work. For this, it provides a great pricing plan. There are three types of pricing packages for the program. They are single package, 3- users’ package and Unlimited package. The price of single package is $89. One domain is installed here with the free updated system for the one year. The 3- users’ package is found in $179. It is used for installation of3 domains. And the price of Unlimited package is $189 which is for unlimited domains. The packages are for one time.

Magic Affiliate Plugin review

Features of Magic Affiliate Plugin

Integration- Magic Affiliate Plugin has the power of integration with various programs which are needed for the sites. It is very simple for WordPress plugin. It is very easy and simple for the installation. Any customer can use it. Integration with auto responders is found here such as with iContact, Aweber, GetResponse etc. It is also integrated with WP ecommerce.

Management- Magic Affiliate Plugin controls many management systems for the WordPress plugin. Banner management system is done by the program with the system of adding unlimited texts and banners. Affiliate management system is also found here. Besides it provides various management systems for the proper management system.

Reporting- Magic Affiliate Plugin contains a feature related to the report. Here, real time reporting system is provided for the development of the users. The various advanced soft wares which are used in the program are related to serving all types of data. The messages can be changed for the advantages of the customers which are stayed in the admin pages.

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