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MacShiny Discount Coupon: Buy with Deluxe and Ultimate Promotion

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MacShiny Review and Features

As time passes, our computers or laptops become slower, less responsive and more vulnerable to crashing down. This is because as we use more of them, we start to use more of its storage, more of its memory and power. Internet browsing creates caches and lots of temporary files. This takes up a lot of memory on our computer, which in turn slows down the performance of the CPU. This makes our computer more prone to software breakdown. Mac computers are no different. The accumulation of junk files, temporary files, caches make it harder for the user to perform day to day task. MacShiny is a tool made especially for apple computers to help clean the junk files on the computer that the user didn’t know existed.

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Benefits of the Tool

After the completion of scanning, MacShiny then displays all the files that it deems unnecessary by categorizing them according to the type of files. It displays the trash files, caches, log files etc separately, so the user knows what type of files he/she is deleting. It is very easy to locate and uninstall programs that the user haven’t used in a long time. The software finds all the apps that have been inactive for a long period of time. These apps are of no use to the users and takes up a lot of space. Deleting them will clean up a lot of memory for new and better applications. MacShiny can also search for files which takes up the most space in the hard drive.

In this way the user has an idea which files take up a lot of memory and which doesn’t. MacShiny also detect duplicate files that have been copied or installed by mistake and deletes the second copy of the file or app. The update centre feature is very useful. It allows the user to update all the apps in one go. Also, apart from deleting extensions and plugins that the user have installed a long time ago, but doesn’t use anymore, MacShiny has a “security” option. This option enables firewall, prevents malware attacks and provides protection against unsafe connection on the internet. They also provide a 24/7 helpline for all customers.

There have been cases, however, that the use of MacShiny slows down Mac even with a RAM of 2gb. Scanning takes a lot of time, although it depends on the size of hard drive.

Macshiny Pricing and Discount

There’s a free version of this app on the app store, but with lesser features and for a limited time. There are 3 types of license that can be bought for this app. Without discount applies, normally six month plan costs $71.70, a twelve month plan costs $107.40 and a twenty-four month plan costs $142.80. MacShiny will give your money back if the user is not satisfied with the services within 1 month.

So we can provide 30% MacShiny discount on the buy. The coupon applies ideally on every license.

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