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Maborak Discount: Get Magnificent Coupon and Review

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Get purchase of any item/license from Maborak and have 10% cashback. Please see Maborak image below for the 10% cashback discount procedure.


Enjoy cool Maborak discount as per the Maborak image.

Email marketers have to deal with some difficulties in completing their tasks. With the help of some addons, it is possible to complete these tasks more quickly. Only a few companies offer these products for the Interspire email marketers. Maborak is one of these companies. It offers some very useful addons.

Products and Review of Maborak

For sophisticated email campaigns, most of the professionals use various types of tools. These tools can save valuable time and increase the efficiency of any project. But it is very difficult to find out a reliable source for purchasing these tools. My recommendation is to purchase these necessary tools from Maborak. This company offers a few addons, but each of these products is very important for any email campaign. Get hold of the addons with our discount coupon. The Maborak coupon is really going to be useful. Here are some of these products with related features:

Geo-Location Statistics

When you will run an email campaign with targeted recipients, it will be very important to find their geographical position. For this reason, it is better to use a Geo-IP tracking solution with that campaign. Maborak offers a very impressive addon named Geo-Location Statistics for this task. This tool is capable of performing Geo-IP tracking for all the opens and links for every targeted country, region, and city. Similarly, this tool also supports Geo-IP Export for every country, region, and city. This tool requires PHP 5.3 to 5.6, MySQL database, and Apache or IIS web server.

Multiple MTA with IP Monitor

Sometimes, it can be necessary to use several SMTP/MTA accounts for the same email campaign. In this case Multiple MTA with IP Monitor of Maborak is recommended. This addon will help to create different groups of SMTP accounts. It allows multiple SMTP accounts as well as multiple SMTP groups for a single email campaign. For each SMTP account, you will be allowed to use separate email setting. This product of Maborak offers very impressive IP monitoring features and email campaign reports.

Some other products of this brand are PowerMTA Remote Bounce Processor, Feedback Loops Processor, Advanced Export, and Feedback Loops ISP Registration etc.

Maborak Plans, Pricing and Discount

There is nothing to worry about the pricing of any product of Maborak Technology. This company has set reasonable pricing for each of its products. Basic price of the Geo-Location Statistics us only $600 as per 7 July 2017 excluding the discount. You can add database optimization, Interspire upgrade, and installation facilities with this for an additional cost. For example, if you get database optimization facility with this, then the total cost will be $685 only. Similarly, the price of the Multiple MTA with IP Monitor starts from 600 USD. Feedback Loops Processor of Maborak can be purchased by only 400 USD. This product is capable of handling SPAM complaints very efficiently. Similarly, other products of this brand are available with very attractive pricing too.

In conclusion, please have the addons with our coupon. Hopefully, the Maborak discount is going to satisfy you.

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