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25% Cashback on LiveCaster

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Get the exclusive 25% off cashback discount for LiveCaster monthly and yearly license, as per provided image below.

LiveCaster Coupon

Get special LiveCaster coupon as cash back. Please see the coupon in provided LC image.

On average, millions of online audiences spend their time watching videos on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. These social media platforms are also a goldmine for online marketers, as it contains abundant amount of active traffic. With all the online competitions out there, it can be very hard for users to attract such large online crowd. Therefore, to direct all audiences simultaneously to users’ pages, the software LiveCaster enables users to start live broadcast.

Review of LiveCaster

LiveCaster also delivers users with advanced social tools to maximize the number of visitors from multiple social media pages. Avail the advanced social tools provided by LC with our discount coupon. The LiveCaster discount has been introduced here to provided you the livecasting tool at a cheaper price. Information regarding the software’s automated scheduling system, and its setting options are available in the paragraphs below:

Scheduling System

Going live is effective when it comes to interacting with followers and audiences in real time. However, it is not always possible to spend time engaging with audiences and work at the same time. For this reason, LiveCaster enables users to cast already recorded live videos to their audiences. To make this process efficient, the software has the option to schedule time and date to go live. This means, users can now announce and deliver all relevant information to viewers, while viewers post all their questions underneath. In that way, users can respond to all the inquiries as the live video continues to play.


Easy Settings to Go Live

LiveCaster is convenient, as there are no requirements for any technical devices, such as cameras, for going live. To go live, users need to first connect their Facebook pages, and YouTube accounts with the software. And then import their already recorded videos to the software before scheduling, and setting a suitable time for broadcasting. The setting option allows users to set time depending on various time zones from all around the world. In that way, no active audience will get to miss the live session when it takes place. All of these options guarantee users to reach out to maximum number of online traffic and eventually boost conversion.

LiveCaster Coupon and Pricing Plans

LiveCaster’s Elite Yearly is available for payments of $37 excluding the coupon every year, and Elite Monthly is purchasable for $9.95 every month. Both packages’ plan enables users to merge five pages from Facebook, and grants users to make two live castings simultaneously. Along with monthly period refund policies, there are two more bonus tools available for the users to operate with. The bonus materials will be accessible as soon as users purchase LiveCaster.

So, get the livecasting software today with our discount. For any more information on the LiveCaster coupon, simple contact us.

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