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Live Suite Pro Review | Avail Pricing of the Marketing Suite

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Check amazing Live Suite Pro review and pricing provided here. Avail the Facebook live marketing suite easily to enjoy latest features.

Facebook Live has opened a new platform for the business owners and marketers. But, many people still struggle to use this platform more efficiently. The Live Suite Pro has arrived to help them. Literally, it has increased the features of Facebook Live.

Live Suite Pro

Live Suite Pro Review

It is not a wise thing to depend on only one or two platforms for the online marketing. As there are some reliable social media, you have to take full advantage of these platforms. Facebook Live was offered for real time video communication among the users. But, this platform is now used for some business purposes also. You can promote anything by using this new platform. There are some tools, which can help to do this task in an easier way. Live Suite Pro is one of these solutions. Let’s have a look at its main features of this solution:

Video Scheduling System

Live Suite Pro is considered as a unique app for some reasons. One of these reasons is its advanced scheduling system. It is the only app which is capable of scheduling any Facebook Live video. So, there is no need to take help from any webinar platform. We know that, Facebook lets the users to communicate with unlimited followers and friends. That means, this app will let you show any live event to unlimited followers without any cost. Live Suite Pro can also use the notification system of Facebook. When you will go live, your audience will get notifications instantly. Inside your FB, it will allow the users to send their reactions. By monitoring these reactions, it is very easy to determine their engaging and satisfaction ratio of them.

Live Suite Pro review

Reasonable Pricing Plans

There are two different licenses of this software. Basic License of Live Suite is available for only $47 per year. Its regular cost is $197 per year. That means, it is available for a special price according to 18 October 2017. Instead of this one, Live Suite Pro is more cost effective. You just have to pay 97 USD for purchasing this one. And, then it can be used for a lifetime. This one comes with 25 very useful templates. These templates will help to make a campaign more effective. A premium support is added to each of these licenses.

Automated Messaging

By sending some personalized messages, it is very easy to grab attention from some regular customers. Every interested customer generally makes regular comments. This software will automatically find out these audiences and send automated messages. That is why, there is no need to worry about sending replies to them. Live Suite Pro has an advanced syndication system also. It can broadcast a live event to multiple pages or groups at a time. That means, your live events will be shown to a big audience.

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