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LetSpinio Coupon | Avail Amazing Discount in 2021 Purchase

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25% Cashback on Basic and Elite

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Avail 25% exclusive cashback on¬†LetSpinio Basic, Elite and any other license, once you buy with our ‘Click to Redeem’ affiliate link. Please see below¬†LetSpinio image.

LetSpinio Coupon

Get special cash back as LetSpinio coupon. Kindly check the discount in LS image.

It is very effective to use something unique or comparatively uncommon in a website. That thing will grab more attention very easily. LetSpinio is a revolutionary tool, which can attract more people. This software can add the high converting fortune wheel on a website in 2021.

Features and Review of LetSpinio

Entry and exit pop-ups are used by so many marketers and website owners. They use these popups to collect new email addresses. These addresses are collected to be used in the future promotional campaigns. Well, this technique is very old now. Most of the visitors know about it. And, they literally close a popup window without even reading it. That is why, you have to use something new. LetSpinio will help you to do so. This software can add a fortune wheel on your website. This wheel will actually play with the visitors. They will feel very happy to provide their email addresses. Enjoy the cool LS functionalities with the discount coupon. Grab the LetSpinio discount today. Some major features of this revolutionary software are as follows:

Different Wheel Templates

LetSpinio is available with different wheel templates. After picking any of these templates, you will be able to choose the number of cells in a wheel. Each cell will show a specific offer to the visitors. When they will click one this wheel, it will be circulated and give them an offer. An important thing is, you will be able to set the incentive weightage. By this manner, the winning probability can be set. A whispering thing this, you can set this probability to even zero. That means, there is no chance of giving away too much. Similarly, LetSpinio allows to repeat the same incentives over and over again. No matter a visitor wins something or not, it will collect his email address.



Supports Different Websites

There should be no doubt that it is a new type of solutions. It can create a new type of marketing or promotional tool. But the good thing is, these fortune wheel can be added to any type of websites. That means, you can include these things on any Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. Even webinar integration is also supported by LetSpinio. A customizable form building tool is added to this solution too.

LetSpinio Coupon and Pricing Options

First of all, you have to select the number of desired domain. If this number is only one, then the LetSpinio Basic Plan is suggested. It supports up to 5000 optins. Only $24 should be paid to purchase this license excluding the coupon. Compared to this one, the Elite Plan is of course more cost effective. This 10-domain license can be bought by paying only $34 according to this post writing time. It comes with some additional features too. For example, it can work with different optin campaigns on different pages of a site. This edition of LetSpinio is capable of creating some mobile optimized wheel. That is why, it can bring more subscribers or customers.

Therefore, please get the full features platform for lead generation by using our discount in 2021. For any question regarding the LetSpinio coupon, please contact us.

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