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LetSocify Discount | Get Coupon in 2021 on FB Notification Platform

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25% Cashback on any Plan

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Buy any of the available LetSocify plans (Basic, Standard, Premium, Pro and Elite) and get 25% cashback discount, as per below LetSocify image.

LetSocify Discount

Get amazing cash back as LetSocify discount in the year of 2021. Please check out the LS discount image.

In order to increase the conversion rate and the rate of sales, there is a requirement for larger audience base. One of the best platform to get access to a large number of online traffic is Facebook. However, marketing on this platform can be cost ineffective as it requires users to pay for advertisements on timely basis. Also, there is no way to know whether customers are opening messages or simply ignoring it. Therefore, to get solution for this specific problem, the software LetSocify can be purchased.

Review of LetSocify

LetSocify delivers users with advanced tools to effectively notify customers and active clients and increase sales rate. If the LS review impressed you, then simply proceed for the purchase with our discount. The instructions to get the LetSocify coupon is clearly given in the LS image.

Simple and Effective System

LetSocify delivers users with the ultimate solution to generating leads through their effective notification system. When customers click the action button on users’ website, customers will get to access by logging in through Facebook. Upon logging in, active customers will be automatically added to the list and notified. To get started with this software, users are required to fulfill three easy steps. Firstly, the users need to implement a line of code onto their website, and then, customize their automatic response messages. After completing the first two steps, users can start notifying their audiences automatically, and increase the rate of conversion.


Easy Usability

LetSocify, unlike other software, is very convenient for both new and experienced users as it’s easy to get started with. There are no complicated software downloads for updates nor any installation as this software is fully cloud-based. For users who are very new to software such as this, there are training and walkthrough videos provided. As soon as customers enable the notification, users will get access to contact information of their customers. Being able to acquire customer information will make it easier for retargeting them for future sales. Messages being sent can be customized according to the type of customers in the users’ list.

LetSocify Discount and Price

LetSocify has 2 packages which are available at annual and monthly subscription fees. Monthly Elite can be purchased for a monthly subscription fee of $37, and Yearly package is available for $399 per year excluding the discount. Various bonus packages are available and are provided to the users free of charge with no hidden payments involved. Within the first thirty days of purchasing LetSocify in 2021, users are guaranteed a complete full refund without any hassle.

So, please avail the Facebook notification platform with our coupon. We hope that the LetSocify discount will impress you.

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