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LeaderTask Review | Avail Pricing for the Planning Software

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Get amazing review of LeaderTask now. Check pricing for the planning software which helps to organize and schedule to complete task.

It is very important to organize different types of personal and official tasks. It will help to complete the tasks in time. You can take help from various online and offline tools for creating working schedules. LeaderTask can be a good solution for you for this purpose.


LeaderTask – The Complete Planning Software

One of the main advantages of this product is it is a full featured software.  That is why it can work fine without any type of internet connection. But still it cannot be considered as the best among all similar types of tools. But considering the features comparing with price, it can be recommended strongly. LeaderTask is a multi-lingual tool. English, German, Italian and Greek etc. are some main languages which are supported by it. Let’s have a look at some main features of this personal organizer and planner software.

Displaying & Filtering Tasks

For managing the works, it is very important to see all of those with comfort. This product will offer you convenient ways to see all of those. For example, it can show the tasks in the form of trees. For the nesting feature, you will be able to see which work should be completed first. Sequence of the tasks can also be maintained perfectly for this. Another important thing is, LeaderTask can show those in the calendar. Recurrent jobs can be created by this one very easily. Anytime you can change the schedule and date of the works and set reminder in the calendar. Different types of filtering options have been added to this product. You can easily mark the works according to importance or priorities. After that you can filter those anytime to find the most important one.

LeaderTask review

Organizing and Managing

You will get the LeaderTask PDA Organizer which can be used for the mobile phone. It will help you to find out the information about the tasks anytime. So you will be able to complete those in an organized way. You may not do all the works with your own. The workers or employees of your organization will help you for many of them. LeaderTask can be used for getting detailed information about the current state of any job for any employee. You can store any information related to your goal.

Different Licenses & Pricing

The LeaderTask is such personal organizer software which is available with single user as well as multiple user licenses. If you want to purchase it for single user then you have to pay $59.95. According to 11 May 2015, the price of the license for 2 users is $103.75. This product can be bought for a large number of users. Suppose you want to get this for 10 members. In that case you have to pay only $454.15. That means for larger packages, the prices will be comparatively less. The important thing is you will get cloud storages for each plan. The number of user will indicates the size of storage you will get in GB.

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