LambdaTest Discount: Get Coupon on Cross Browser Testing Tool screenshot

LambdaTest Discount: Get Coupon on Cross Browser Testing Tool

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Buy any LambdaTest Solo or Pro plan with our link and avail 20% cashback coupon, as per below image.

LambdaTest Discount

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To promote a business, you must have a professional website. At the same time, it can be necessary to offer some web apps. More importantly, each of these apps and websites should be compatible with different browsers. Otherwise, lots of visitors may face some problems while visiting or accessing these. There is a tool that can help you to check this compatibility. The name of this tool is LambdaTest.

LambdaTest Review at a Glance

Nowadays, creating a website in a conventional way is not that effective anymore. Rather, you have to create that in a smarter way. For example, people were more concerned about adding more and more quality contents to their websites. But nowadays, it is more important to present the contents well. In the past, we saw people supposed to add more and more design materials. But now, it is very important to ensure an elegant look in every page. Similarly, you have to make your sites compatible with different device screens and web browsers. Similarly, there are different types of web apps that require compatibility. LambdaTest will let you check this compatibility very easily. If the LT review impressed you, then please purchase with our discount. The LambdaTest coupon will be really helpful. Here are some amazing features and facilities of this tool:

Browser Compatibility Checking

One of the biggest features of LambdaTest is its browser compatibility checking. This tool is capable of running this test on all kinds of desktop web browsers. There is no need to do so much to run this operation. This solution provides a live testing environment for checking the cross browser compatibility. This environment comes with various options. For example, it comes with a long list of browsers. From there, you have to select a suitable one. Suppose, you have selected Firefox. This popular browser has so many versions. Your web apps should be compatible with all the newer versions.


LambdaTest will can check the compatibility with various versions of Firefox. You just have to select any one of these before testing. Each of these remote browsers comes with a RIA software and some developer tools. Sometimes, it can be necessary to record the testing session. You can do so with a built in tool of this solution. Similarly, it also helps to take some necessary screenshots.

Supports Many Browsers

There can be some other cross browser compatibility checking tools. But, the most of these tools cannot deal with all popular browsers. On the other hand, LambdaTest supports almost all of those. Some of these popular browsers are Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari. Similarly, this tool also can work with various other lesser popular desktop browsers. Some of these browsers have separate versions for Mac and Windows devices. LambdaTest will let you deal with all those versions with ease. From its home site, you will be able to check the browser list.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Nowadays, it is very important to check the mobile device compatibility for each and every website and web app. For this reason, LambdaTest will help you to check this compatibility with all the popular mobile devices. First of all, it supports lots of brands. Some of these brands are Apple iPhones, Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, etc. Secondly, it can deal with each and every model of the phone of each brand. Thirdly, there are so many mobile web browsers.

LambdaTest is capable of testing the compatibility with all these browsers with ease. Actually, this tool can deal with over two thousand different desktops and mobile browsers. As I said earlier, taking screenshots can be very important while running a campaign. There is no need to take these screenshots for every browser manually be wasting several hours. Rather, LambdaTest has an automatic screenshot capturing facility. It will take and store the necessary screenshots very efficiently.

LambdaTest Pricing

Seamless Collaboration

A small project can be controlled by own. But, it is very tough to control a big project without taking help from others. That means, you may need to work in a team. That is why, LambdaTest supports seamless collaboration. First of all, it will let you take unlimited screenshots. Depending on the licenses, it supports up to unlimited monthly recordings. You may need to edit and share these recordings and screenshots with your team members. LambdaTest will let you do that with ease. It provides a built in issue tracking tool to complete this task. That means, there is no need to depend on other tools to collaborate your team.

LambdaTest Discount and Pricing

This online tool has one free plan, which is not suitable for the professional campaigns. You can use this as a trial. It allows only 60 minutes real time browser testing facility in a month. As a newbie, you can pick the Solo Plan of this tool. It supports unlimited real time browser testing. You just have to pay 15 USD per month in a yearly billing system to get this one. It is for one concurrent session of 5 users. If it is necessary to deal with multiple concurrent sessions, then LambdaTest Pro License is suitable.

Its monthly cost is only $25 for 2 concurrent sessions. For 4 concurrent sessions, its cost will be $45 per month only excluding our discount. Similarly, you can get this for maximum 15 sessions of 100 users. In that case, its monthly cost is 149 USD, according to 4 January 2019. LambdaTest has an enterprise edition. This one is a customizable one. If your desired concurrent session number is more than 15, then this one is suitable. All these plans are suitable for working with various types of third party apps.

Therefore, please take advantage of the cross-browser testing tool with our coupon. We believe, you are going to enjoy the LambdaTest discount.

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