Keyword Competitor Review: Avail Pricing for the Keyword Finder screenshot

Keyword Competitor Review: Avail Pricing for the Keyword Finder

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Check amazing Keyword Competitor review and pricing provided here. Get the keyword finder that offers the way to identify the best keywords.

In this modern time, the communication system is getting dependent on the online basis. The online system is getting supported due to the presence of web industry. Under the presence of the web industry, we can simply maintain the e-commerce activities. To build up any website, we need to assure some terms. Among of these terms, keyword research is an important factor. To manage the best keyword researching process from the competitor’s site, Keyword Competitor is a supportive program.

Keyword Competitor

Keyword Competitor Review

This helpful program offers the way to identify the best keywords as well as the ads. By depending on the demand in the web section, it manages the best analysis system to get the appropriate keywords.

Main Activities Performed

To maintain the best researching system under the keyword finding process, this tool is very helpful. It offers the way to get the organic as well as the paid keywords and the landing pages. Besides, the checking process of the keyword position as well as the rankings for the best keywords can also be known through this. After that, the tracking system and the capturing process of the daily changes in the keyword searching section or ads section can be known through this. To get the supportive solutions in this case, it offers the email alerting method for the users.

Keyword Competitor review

The Features Offered

Research Competitors: To get the best result, this platform is very essential. Under this category, the users will get the term of competitive intelligence. Through this section, the organic and the paid keywords can be known. After that, the daily tracking system of the active keywords can be known through this. Through this procedure, the ranking system can also be observed. When, the competitors will add the new keywords or improve the keyword position, and then you will get the email notification system through the email alerting function.

Monitor Competitors: In this section, the monitoring section of the competitor’s site keyword can be managed. To enable this, all the needed functions are provided here with the built-in format. The monitoring system can be observed through the graphical format.

The Packages and the Prices

Keyword Competitor offers almost five packages and these are: Basic research, Regular Research, Professional Research, Deluxe Research and Elite Research. The price of the Basic research is $29/month. For the Regular Research, the users need to pay only $49/month. In the Professional Research, the users will have to pay $129/month. At the package of Deluxe Research, you need to pay $299 in every month. At the last, you will get the Elite Research. In this case, the users need to pay only $499/month.

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