KeepTruckin Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Pricing screenshot

KeepTruckin Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Pricing

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$15 Cashback on Any Plan

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Purchase any KeepTruckin plan with our link and get $15 cashback discount, as per below KeepTruckin image.

KeepTruckin Discount

Enjoy magnificent KeepTruckin discount, as per the KT discount image. KeepTruckin has been designed so that users can track their item easier. Trucking is one of the important thing these days to make sure that users can track the position of their own product. It became necessary as mobile marketing is becoming popular. Mobile commerce is slowly developing. Radio frequency tracking, global positioning system and automated vehicle location are important to maintain supply chain.

KeepTruckin Review

It saves all the hassles and provides the user activated system. Avail these cool KT features with our discount. The KeepTruckin coupon will be really useful.

KeepTruckin makes the supply chain stronger. Users will not need to spend in order to affiliate with other location tracking system to pay the money. Users also do not need the coder to make an application to make the location tracking.  The GPS tracking of this application will provide the real time location of the users. So that users stay ready to receive the product. It makes easier for the users to not only receive the product from manufacturer at the correct time, but also to send to the customers in correct time.

Benefits of Keep trucking

It is very efficient in the platform of online international business. One of the manufacturing methods these days used to produce is contract manufacturing when users do the manufacturing on a different country. It is important to understand the location of the product to determine when the finished products are reaching to the location to do packing and sending it to the market. As well as, we can never define the correct time when we deal with international manufacturer. There can be delays in delivery based on weather issue, political issue and so on.


Therefore, having GPS saves all those problem. As well as those who are customers they will be able to be ready to receive the product in correct time by GPS system. KeepTruckin provides the users smartcam as so that with the video solution users can easily detect the position and save from fleet. The smart cam will provide the users the video solution. The fuel tax reporting will allow the users to get ready to face any kind of issues. So that users stay ready with the correct budget.

Diver Scorecards

KeepTruckin also will help the users to understand the performance of the drive by keeping scorecard. So users also can see which driver is performing more efficiently to determine better driver. Users also can track vehicle utilization so that users can cut excessive cost that put on the vehicle.

KeepTruckin Discount and Pricing

KeepTruckin has 2 different packages to offer. It provides the users the personal plan and also the plus plan. The personal plan is priced at only 20 dollars as starter package without the discount code. The plus package is priced at only 30 dollars. It also provides the idle time tracking so that users can utilize the time better for business.

Hence, please get the electronic logs and also fleet management software with our coupon. We hope, you are going to enjoy the KeepTruckin discount.

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