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iThemes Security Pro Coupon | Exclusive Discount on Purchase

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15% Cashback on iThemes Security Pro

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Buy any Security Pro license with the cashback discount, as per below image. The 15% cashback discount is applicable for Gold, Developer, Freelancer and Blogger license.

iThemes Security Pro Coupon

Get impressive iThemes Security Pro coupon as per the iTSP image.

Generating a website with WordPress is not a difficult task. But, you have to provide a proper security facility to that website. In doing so, my recommendation is to use iThemes Security Pro. This WP plugin comes with a full-featured WordPress security solution. If the iTSP review impressed you, then please purchase with our discount coupon. The iThemes Security Pro discount is going to be really helpful.

iThemes Security Pro Review

Normally, every website owner wants to create a website with so many advanced and attractive contents. Some websites may have a big number of members or users. Their personal and login information should also be stored in a website. For this reason, no guesswork regarding the security issue is enough. You have to use an efficient security solution for this task. Now the thing is, there are only a few tools, which can be recommended to protect a WP site. iThemes Security Pro is one of these solutions. This plugin has following features and facilities:

Brute Force Protection

Every user of a WP site must have a password. Hackers always try to hack this password and access that site. They can access some personal information by hacking that password as well. To solve this problem, an ordinary solution is not enough. That is why, iThemes Security Pro comes with a brute force protection facility. Whenever a hacker will try to grab your password, this solution will lock him. Another important thing is to use a strong password for any account. This plugin has a strong password enforcement solution. This built-in tool will help you to create a strong password for your account. iThemes Security Pro is capable of hiding the login and admin area. It actually changes the default URL very easily. For this reason, no hacker will be able to access that login and admin area.

iThemes Security Pro Pricing and Coupon

To purchase the iThemes Security Pro, you can choose any plan among available four options. Blogger Plan of this security plugin is available for only $80 per year without the coupon code. This one is capable of protecting only 2 websites. Freelancer Plan of this solution can be used on 10 different sites. To purchase this one, only $100 should be paid as per this post writing time. If you want to deal with unlimited sites. Then the Developer License is recommended. It can be purchased by paying only 150 USD/year. iThemes Security Pro Gold License is available for only 297 USD, which is its one-time payment. And, it is also capable of protecting unlimited WordPress sites.

Necessary Notifications

When someone will try to access your site by using some false password, this plugin will send you some notifications. It will send these notifications to the email account. Schedule database backup is another good feature of this product. These backups will be sent to your email account too. iThemes Security Pro has a strong file change detection capability. If any change is made to the web files, this plugin will give you some instant alerts.

As a result, please avail our discount to get the services of the security plugin at a cheaper price. We hope that the iThemes Security Pro coupon is going to satisfy you.

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