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IntelliLock Coupon: Receive Exclusive Discount Upon Purchase

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10% Cashback on IntelliLock – Single Developer License

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Get the Single Developer license with ‘Redeem” link and have cashback of 10%. Please see the IntelliLock image below for details.

10% Cashback on IntelliLock – Company License

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Buy Company plan with 10% cashback.

Please check out the IL image. The instructions will provide you nice IntelliLock coupon.

IntelliLock and the Review

For licensing the software application as well as the products, IntelliLock is an active one platform. It is supportive almost for all the languages which generate .NET based assemblies. It is compatible with all the >NET versions.  It assures strong security system with the available license. It provides the managed way for applying the licensing and the protection facilities. Enjoy all the facilities offered by IL with our coupon. The IntelliLock discount will be really helpful.


Core Features List Available Here

To create the trial version of any software product, IntelliLock is rapidly used by the software developers. Here, there exists an active condition to set the expiration date. After that, the developers can set the fixed amount of days when the installation process is completed. Besides, the number of execution can also be controlled by this. For any fixed feature or option, the developers can set a condition.

Moreover, custom lock is also available here. With this condition, you will be able to implement the trial limitation in a custom mode. To turn out the trial version into the licensed version, IntelliLock affords some active steps. In this case, the license file is locked for a specific machine by using the Hardware ID. Then, the specific license can be locked to any assembly attribute. Here, you can mention the assembly version or company name as an attribute. To embed the license file, it allows a specific option. After that, if you want, then you can integrate the custom license based data with the license file. Moreover, the limiting using policy can be applied for extending the trial period. Here, the license validation or activation will be controlled through your license server.

Additional Supports and Facilities

Inside comprehensive license maintenance section, the developers can manage the available products, sales as well as the customers. With the license tracker option of IntelliLock, you can track down the license request with real time activity. Here, the available data can be managed on any ASP>NET server. Then, it also includes embedded database system. That’s why; you don’t need to rely on any special database like Oracle, MS SQL etc. Here, you will observe SDK libraries as a default condition. To merge the actual SDK library with the assembly, it allows a quick tool. Besides, the developers can simply generate the hardware ID. After that, they can extend the licensing functions by using some active logics. For encrypting or decrypting the needed data, it affords licensing algorithm. This support is managed here by the helper class.

Pricing Level and Coupon of IL

IntelliLock offers two versions. The first one is valid for a single user license and the other is company license. For getting Single Developer License, you need to pay only $179. For the Company license, only $279 is asked without the coupon code. Both these two licenses afford free up-gradation facility for a single year.

In conclusion, please purchase this advanced managed solution with our discount. Hopefully, you will have a great product experience by purchasing with our IntelliLock coupon.

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