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InstaMailer Discount: Get Amazing Coupon and Pricing

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20% Cashback on InstaMailer

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Get InstaMailer trial first with our above ‘Click to Redeem’ link, then upgrade to the paid plan and claim 20% cashback discount. Please see cashback process in InstaMailer image below.

InstaMailer Discount

Enjoy cool cash back as InstaMailer discount. Please check out the discount in IM image.

An emailing campaign should be controlled properly with a reliable email marketing solution. There are a few cost effective and reliable solutions for this task. InstaMailer is one of these tools. It is strongly suggested for any running or new emailing campaigns.

InstaMailer Features and Review

There is no difficulty in finding out a reliable email marketing service. But, these services are not suitable for the newbies. To access these, you have to spend hundreds of dollars. That is why, many people do not access any of these. They depend on some ordinary tools for their campaigns. As a result, their campaigns cannot get the desired profits. InstaMailer has solved all these problems. This effective mailing software is not costly at all. Besides, we have made IM cheaper by introducing the discount. Hopefully, the InstaMailer coupon is going to satisfactory. So many important features have been added to this.


Easy Interface

I have already mentioned that the InstaMailer is a newbie friendly solution. It provides a very easy interface, which can be handled by even a newbie very easily. This software is capable of dealing with maximum 30 thousand subscribers. That means, small and medium sized campaigns can be handled by it. Only a click is required to send a message to all those subscribers. Another important thing is, InstaMailer has no limitation on the number of emails. You can send as many as needed. Every email will not work equally. That is why, it is necessary to find out the potential of every mail. This software will help you to do so with ease. In doing so, it will provide the detailed statistics an email.

Use Own SMTP

There are some ordinary tools, which do allow to use a personal SMTP server. InstaMailer is not like these tools. It will allow to use your own SMTP server. It also helps to set up this server in a quick time at a low cost. There is no difficulty in importing the emailing list to this software. It can import an entire list. Only a few mouse clicks are required to do this task.  It supports any CSV or TXT file to do so.

InstaMailer Discount and Pricing Facility

InstaMailer cannot be considered as a costly solution in any sense. By paying only 1 USD, you will be able to use this for two weeks. After that, a yearly payment should be made. According to this review writing time, this yearly payment is only 97 USD excluding the discount. With this license, a 4-week live training facility is added. Similarly, InstaMailer also provides some additional facilities. For example, it helps to generate some high converting opt-in forms. Sequenced messages can also be sent by this tool. It will ensure that you are not sending any spam to any of the subscribers. You will also be allowed to create a blacklist of subscribers.

So, enjoy the IM features by purchasing with the coupon. For any question regarding the InstaMailer discount, please leave us an email.

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