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Insta Stories Review | Avail Pricing of the Instagram Video Maker

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Check Insta Stories review and pricing served here. Avail the video making software that will allow to create amazing Instagram video ads.

More than 800 million people use Instagram. That is why, this platform should be used as a source of traffic. Insta Stories will help you to do so with ease. It allows to create some amazing Instagram video ads.

Insta Storie

Review and Features of Insta Stories

Facebook marketing is very common now. A big number of marketers regularly use this platform to have a big traffic. But, as there is a big competition, many marketers cannot get the desired success. On the other hand, Instagram is also a very popular social platform. But, it is not that much competitive. That is why, you can easily take an advantage and get a decent traffic from here. Insta Stories will help to do so with ease. You can create some amazing video ads and share those to Instagram.

Customizable Templates

Insta Stories come with more than thirty high converting templates. These templates are not just designed out of nothing. Rather, these are inspired by some already successful advertisements. For this reason, there will be a bigger possibility of getting the desired success from these templates. Each of these contents supports some customizable texts, images, branding names, and logos. This customizable can be done with a few clicks. Insta Stories also helps to upload the created video ads directly to Instagram. Sometimes, you may need to download an ad for a future campaign. This solution will allow to do so with ease.

Insta Storie review

Mobile Optimization

Instagram is a mobile friendly platform. Almost 80% of its users use it from different mobile devices. For this reason, Insta Stories templates are completely mobile optimized. There is no need to become an expert to use this solution. Sometimes, we feel a bit confused while dealing with dealing with the ad specifications. This solution has solved this problem too. It recommends some specifications for every ad. For example, the suitable size and duration of an ad will be determined by this solution. You are also allowed to use your own specifications if it needed.

Insta Stories Plans and Pricing

Many people may need to grab this solution for their personal campaigns. Insta Stories Personal License is suitable to them. It can be used for unlimited personal campaigns. As per this post creating time, it is available for only 47 USD. It is able to deal with 30 renders in a month. Compared to this one, the Insta Stories Commercial is more amazing. It can be purchased by paying only 67 USD, as of 3 September 2018. You will be able to use this license to deal with unlimited personal and commercial video ads projects. Both these licenses provide 60 professional templates. And, a performance guarantee is available with both these products.

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