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Inetlab.SMPP Discount: Get Coupon and the Review

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Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server C#/VB.NET Source Code

Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Developer License


Get cool as Inetlab.SMPP discount as per the ISCSL image.

A very flexible data communication interface is required for any kind of telecommunication business. You may need to offer a short message exchanging facility to your products. And for establishing this facility, Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library is very effective. This solution is an amazing product of the InetLab Mobile Internet Solutions.

Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library Review

Short Message Peer-to-Peer is popularly known as SMPP. It is a data communication interface which can be used for sending and receiving short messages very efficiently. In the telecommunication industry, this technique is very commonly used. Normally, the values added service providers use this to allow others to submit messages to them. If you also need to offer this kind of facility, then the Inetlab.SMPP can be recommended. Enjoy all the cool ISCSL benefits with our discount coupon. The Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library coupon is going to be helpful. This popular product of InetLab brand has come with so many useful features. Some of those features are as follows:

Supports Multiple Languages

Inetlab.SMPP can establish very easy but efficient way of messaging. This product is suitable to work with different languages. Some of those are Arabic, English, Greek, and Russian etc. It is one of those very few tools which also support Unicode messages. Both way communication can be established by this solution. That means, it can send and receive the SMSs. For peer to peer communication, two types of messages are most commonly used. Those two types are WAP Push messages and Flash SMS. Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library has the ability to work with both those types.

Bulk Messaging Facility

There are some other similar tools which cannot deal with so many messages. But this solution can deal maximum 500 SMS in just one second. That means, you will be able to send and receive as many messages as you need in one day. The SSL connection is very important for the security of those messages. For this reason, Inetlab.SMPP will exchange every data via SSL connection. It offers very powerful server side application. This application is capable of handling different client connection at the same time.

Affordable ISCSL Pricing Plans and Discount

InetLab brand has achieved huge popularity by offering only two products. And for each of those, this company offers multiple pricing options. Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library has two licenses too. To purchase the Source Code License of this product, only EUR 99 is to be paid excluding the discount. No black box code is added to this product. That means, you will get full source code which is made of C# and VB.NET. While using this solution, you will be allowed to make custom modification. 1 year free update facility is also added to this product. Inetlab.SMPP Client/Server Library Developer License is offered for dealing with unlimited applications. As per 17 June 2017, cost of this license is only EUR 399. Top quality support will be provided to the users of this product.

So, please have the .NET library with our coupon. In case of any inquiry on the Inetlab.SMPP discount, kindly reach us.

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