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IceTheme Coupon | Get Discount on Premium Joomla Themes

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15% Cashback on IceTheme

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Buy any Club plan with our link and avail 15% cashback as per following image. This discount offer is for any plan: Basic, Standard and Developer license.

IceTheme Coupon

Get nice cash back as IceTheme coupon. Please check out the IT image for the coupon.

To make your Joomla site amazing, it is very important to use a suitable Joomla template. Finding out some WordPress themes is not difficult at all. But, a few companies offer top quality Joomla templates. Among these, some companies charge a big amount for their products. IceTheme is not like these high charging companies. It provides some impressive Joomla templates for an impressive price.

Review and Features of IceTheme

There are some companies that provide so many products. But, only a few of these products are of a high quality. Even, some companies do not provide a quality product at all. On the other hand, there are some companies that provide top quality products. But, they charge big for their products. For this reason, only the rich class can access their products. IceTheme is not like any of these companies. It provides some top quality Joomla themes or templates.

But, it offers some affordable membership plans so that everyone can access these products. Sometimes, a newcomer does not want to invest for themes at the beginning. This company provides some free products to them also. If you liked the IT features, then please purchase with our coupon. The IceTheme discount is going to be really useful. Before talking much, let’s have a look at its major products, their features, and pricing:

Magazine Templates

Generally, it is tough to find out a high quality magazine template for Joomla sites. IceTheme provides a top class one. The name of this product is IT Magazine. There should be some common features in a magazine website. For example, such a site must represent every content in an attractive way. IT Magazine helps to do so with ease. This is not a product that has a very colorful look. Rather, it comes with an elegant design so that the visitors experience a premium look. Quick loading is another feature that should be present in a magazine sites.

IceTheme has created this theme so nicely that it allows every visitor to load an article instantly. It comes with an eye-catching logo and main-menu area. This area will be fixed during the scrolling time. That is why, a visitor will be able to go to any page from the menu with ease. It does not have any image for decoration. Like other products of this brand, it supports multiple template designs. To be exact, this template supports 6 different styles and 8 custom pages.


Products for Ecommerce

As quality is the main concern of IceTheme, it offers only 2 ecommerce Joomla templates. But, each of these products offers some amazing features. IT TheStore is one of its popular ecommerce templates. It is a fact that, a big number of visitors come to an ecommerce site from their mobile devices. That is why, IT TheStore comes with a responsive design. That means, it will make your site compatible with any device screen and web browser. To make a site more attractive, this theme has a full-width slideshow facility. This facility can be used to make attract more customers or buyers. It is powered by Virtuemart.

That is why, its design is more appealing. Customized blog section is another good feature of this product of IceTheme. Similarly, IT OrchidShop is another nice product to create an ecommerce site. There are some products that only make the homepage more beautiful. But, this one do not make the other parts nice. That is why, a site does not look professional. IT OrchidShop makes each and every part more attractive. This product provides some impressive downloadable items to make a site impressive.

Other Premium Themes

I just have mentioned a few useful products of IceTheme. This company has the products of other categories. For example, you can purchase a travel theme from here. IT TheLodge is one of the amazing travel themes of this company. This one is suitable for generating an impressive booking website. If you have a hotel, then it will ensure more bookings through your site by attracting more travelers. Similarly, IT Africa is another impressive product of IceTheme. Its design is inspired from Africa. It is suitable for the websites of travel agencies.

Premium Joomla Themes

IceTheme Coupon and Pricing

IceTheme does not provide only one membership plan. As there are different types of customers, it provides different plans to meet their needs. Its Basic Membership Plan supports only one premium theme. This 2-month membership plan can be accessed by paying only $40 as per this post creating time. This one is suitable, if you want to handle only one Joomla site. In the case of 3 different sites, you should depend on the Standard Membership Plan. It comes with 3 premium Joomla themes. Another important thing is its validity. After paying only $70 without our provided coupon, you will be able to use this for 6 months. If you want to access all the products of IceTheme, then its Developer License is suggested. This one-year license is available for only 150 USD. It will let you deal with unlimited projects. Actually, its price is 200 USD. But, it is available with a discount facility. All these licenses also have a discount on renewal.

Some Free Products

Along with some impressive premium themes, IceTheme also offers some free items. IT Minimal is one of these free products. This versatile product is capable of generating any kind of websites. It comes with 17 different template colors. 4 responsive designs have made this product more impressive. IT Zen is another impressive free product. IceTheme has used a clean design to make it. Another impressive feature of it is the full-width slideshow space. Unlike the other products of IceTheme, this one is a responsive one.

Hence, grab the premium Joomla themes at a cheaper price with our discount. We believe, you are going to enjoy the IceTheme coupon.

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