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IBP Standard Review | SEO Software Tool to Get Better Ranking

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f you cannot ensure good rank for your website, that will not get desired visitors. Though the Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine, many people use others too. That is why good rank and position for different search engines should be ensured for the targeted site. For doing so, good quality search engine software should be used. I can recommend you the Internet Business Promoter or IBP. The main task of this software is to help the users to get high rankings for their websites. So many small tools have been integrated into this. That is why it has become very strong and efficient. The IBP Standard is one of the two available editions. In this post, features of only this edition have been mentioned.


IBP Standard Review

It is said that choosing the right keywords is the half of the work of the total SEO campaign. That is why IBP Standard has offered very impressive keyword research tool. This one has the capability to deal with the keywords for organic search engine optimization. Similarly, you can use this for researching the keywords for paid search marketing. There are other important parts of the SEO. For example, directory submitting and social media bookmarking is very much important things to do. These can be done very easily by the IBP Standard. The web page analyzer tool of this software is very impressive also. For the optimization of different pages, this product provides all necessary advices.

Features of the Application

Though it has plenty of powerful features, cost for this is not that high. When this post was created, the price of IBP Standard was only $249.95. Actually the money back guarantee of this product shows the class of it. After purchasing, if you face any problem with it within 30 days, you can get your money back. This software ensures top ten rankings for the targeted sites. For one year, this ranking will be constant. If the Standard edition of Internet Business Promoter cannot provide this ranking, your money will be refunded. Impressively, this guarantee is for any keyword you deal with. This product can be used for 5 different projects. Each project will include one website with all the pages.

Along with the keyword research, the link building campaign is very much important for any SEO campaign. The Standard Edition of Internet Business Promoter software is efficient for link building. This product is an automated tool. That means many tasks will be done by it according to the schedule. There can be several factors for the search engine optimization. All those factors should be controlled very carefully. IBP Standard will help in controlling those. Very impressive website rank checker tool has made this product more powerful. It will provide you necessary reports on the running SEO campaign.

Review of IBP Business

There should be some most important features of the search engine optimization tool. For example, that should work with several keywords. Creating a huge number of backlinks is another task of that. Search engine rank monitoring tool should be included in that SEO software. Similarly, there should be some other tools. All these should be integrated as a packet or software solution. Internet Business Promoter is such solution which has all these. The Business edition of this solution is more powerful than the other. All the features you may look for are offered by this amazing software solution. It is not very easy to describe all the features of it. But I have tried to highlight each of those in this post.

Advantages and Benefits of IBP Business

IBP Business has very impressive advice giving capability. For every page, same optimization technique may not work. That is why this software can provide suitable advices for the optimization of each page. Not one or two, this product can do this thing to as many web pages as you need. The Search Engine Submitter tool of this product is also very much impressed. For getting more backlinks, hence visitors, directories are very much effective. These can be submitted to different websites to get more traffic. IBP Business has an automatic directory submitter tool which will help you for this purpose. Similarly, you will enjoy the social bookmark submitter tool of it.

ibp review

When you will work with any SEO tool, it is very important to check the rank of the targeted site regularly. Then you will be able to judge the quality of the software perfectly. To check the ranks, you can use the built in rank checker of the Business edition of IBP. For unlimited URLs, this tool can provide you a proper ranking report. Link building tool of this product is very fast and reliable. Broken links are not helpful at all. The Internet Business Promoter link checker will keep those links away from the websites. This product has so many other tools which are very important for the SEO campaigns.

Pricing of IBP Business

IBP Business has been offered with very impressive pricing. Comparing with the powerful features, the price of this product can be considered as completely reasonable. The license price of this is only 499.99 USD as of 25 November 2015. If you want to optimize your own websites, then the Standard license of this product is enough. But providing the search engine optimization facilities to client websites, the Business edition of the IBP should be purchased. It actually can deal with as many projects as you want. This product is all about features and benefits. If you think you are not getting the proper facilities, you can get the money back. The free support and product upgrades will also be provided whenever needed.

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