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Helicon Jet Discount | Enjoy Nice Coupon on The Solution

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10% Cashback on Helicon Jet

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Buy the Helicon Jet license with 10% cashback. Please see HeliconTech image below.

Helicon Jet

Have delectable Helicon Jet discount. Please check out the cashback coupon as per the HJ image.

Due to the overuse of web traffic, you may not able to use as many contents as needed for your website. And server performance will also be hampered. For solving this overuse of web traffic issue, Helicon Jet is very efficient. This solution is suitable for various kinds of websites.

Review and Features of Helicon Jet

Most of the websites are allowed to use limited web traffic. But some large dynamic and static contents can cause more use of web traffic. But if those contents are very important, you just cannot remote those. In this situation, it is best to use a solution which can easily and efficiently compress those contents. HeliconTech offers such a product named Helicon Jet. Enjoy all the HJ functionalities with the discount coupon. The Helicon Jet coupon is going to be useful. This solution has different features and facilities. Some of those are as follows:

Compress Web Contents

If the sizes of web contents are too big, those will decrease the server speed. And you will not be able to upload more contents. For this reason, it is better to compress the web contents as much as possible. Helicon Jet can do this task very efficiently. This solution is capable of working with both the dynamic as well as static contents. Real time compression is the best feature of this product. For a wrong setting of HTTP Cache-Control can increase the server load very quickly. This solution of HeliconTech Company is very helpful for solving this issue. You will be able to set HTTP Cache-Control very effectively so that the server load will be minimized. Similarly, Helicon Jet also provides some amazing server-side cache functions.

Reasonable HJ Pricing Options and Discount

For the Helicon Jet, there is only one license. To purchase this Server License, you have to pay only 269 USD. Like some other products of HeliconTech. This solution is also available with volume discounts facility. If you purchase 5-9 licenses of the Helicon Jet, that will cost you only 228 USD per unit excluding the discount. And this cost will be reduced to only 194.35 USD per unit in case of purchasing 10-24 licenses at a time. And for 50 or more licenses, the unit price is only 140.42 USD according to this post creating time. Free online support is another advantage of this solution. After paying this price once, you will be able to enjoy free upgrades up to one year.

Very Friendly GUI

HeliconTech has added a very friendly GUI to each of its products. This solution also has very impressive graphical user interface. Some premade configurations have already been added to that GUI. Hence, you will be able to use this product just after the installation. It has a very useful default setting file too. You will be allowed to use this default setting file of Helicon Jet for mass installations. This solution offers cloning facility also. For this reason, you can easily create several cloned configuration from one text configuration file.

Hence, please use our coupon to make a purchase of the all-in-solution to save web traffic and do more. Get the Helicon Jet discount in 2021.

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